Friday, May 20, 2005

I woke with a start this morning thinking it was a school day for the children. Whoops... they can sleep late. School is out.

The early start led me to the Methodist Men's rummage sale. Arrived at the church 30 minutes early with a big crowd waiting until the doors opened at 8. Nothing like a men's sale especially if the men are doing the pricing. Men's pricing means high tool prices, low everything else.

I found: sturdy metal table to repaint for the courtyard, a Jesus puppet (ponder that for a moment), a bag of scapulas, religious medals, mass cards and etc. My favorites are the St. Michael medal and a sterling silver St. Benedict. Several Roman Catholic piety booklets were mixed in with enough Reader's Digest books to choke a library. The Reader's Digest books were $1 each. I wanted to tell them that should sell them 5 for a dollar since not many people want those. I don't know why the RC stuff was at this Methodist sale but Backwater is very RC so I suppose they were a family member's or such.

I drove over to my favorite charity shop afterwards. Their pricing is confusing. A passable golf print with custom framing, non-reflective glass was $2.99. A velvet, I mean it!, painting of flowers in a large yukky frame was $9.99. Seldom is anything priced so high. I left both for other customers. Out in the book section I found 4 Sotheby's catalogs from the 1980's. Cost? $1. Go figure.

It's warm here. Getting warmer. I'm about finished with the pruning, planting, fertilizing and general yard stuff. I wish I had a few more coolish mornings. There's a branch hanging over the roof which needs cutting so I'll ask the LD to climb up there to sweep then prune. I'll do the gutters while she's up there. Don't think I won't do anything to keep the LH OFF the roof.

What's with you?


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

How funny to read your post ... I have rummage sale on the brain. I was up till the wee hours pricing items for our parish rummage sale. It's so hard to figure out how to price! I think I priced things way too low ... sigh. Some money is better than none I suppose.

St. Casserole said...

Susan Rose, price the stuff low unless it is really of value. Your shoppers are looking for bargains. Some need the stuff, other's are just enjoying buying another cake pan for an extra. Or, are you in a wealthy area where dealers know that you have great stuff? That means that collectibles, fancy accessories and valuables (sterling, great jewelry and really fine sports equiptment)might do well being priced higher. The worst thing about rummage sales is clothing priced high. Shoppers can go to consignment shops if they want to spend a bunch on kid's clothing etc. After the sale, give the left-overs to a charity. Then church folks don't try to sell the same stuff at the next sale and know that they need to "clean house" to get more things to sell. And, put out information about your church so if a shopper wants to return to worship, he or she will know times of service, how to dress and whether or not to bring babies and children. If something is happening on church property, it's an opportunity to welcome the community.

PPB said...

I'm not allowed at garage sales. I buy bunches of junk because I feel bad for the people selling it. Then I give it to goodwill. Nope, no longer allowed.

Aola said...

I love garage sales but haven't been in a long, long time. Instead I go to the Salvation Army thrift store.
It is HOT here in Oklahoma. I am not ready for hot weather.

PPB said...

I named you a queen on my blog, FYI. It wasn't too late.

Songbird said...

Out of school already?
The last day here is June 23rd (unless it snows again...).