Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm listening to Anne Perry's Long Spoon Lane, a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel. I love listening to audio tapes while I drive. I keep a book going most of the time since I spend so many hours in the car. The NYT today has an article on the rise in popularity of audio books. I'm literal minded about the difference between listening and reading so I say I've listened to a book and reading when I hold a book in my paws to read.

I'm reading Reluctant Saint The Life of Francis of Assisi by Donald Spoto. Spoto is quite the teacher which shows in this book in the best manner. Very interesting history of Francis' times and the extraordinary life of the Saint. I'm not familar with the piety surrounding this saint (or most other saints) because of my Protestant background so his life, as Spoto writes it, is new to me.

I'm wearing Jergens' Natural Glow, some new kind of moisturizer which contains a tanning formula. Glow comes in fair to dark shades so I picked the fair. I've gone the route of turning from casket white to Life in the Bahamas overnight which astounds me and causes my buddies to hoot with laughter. Don't know if this latest product will give me that sun glazed look or not. I've waited my entire life for dead pasty white to return to fashion but it hasn't happened. If there is great interest among my readers, I'll report how the Glow works. (I hope you have better things to do with your time....)

I've had too many meetings this week. One set of meetings is important, the rest are just a way for organizations to pass time. I've been away from home so much that I haven't spent time with our children as I'd like. The older child has lost his driver's license so we'll go to the bureau to apply for another today. The younger child is off to church camp Sunday and she needs an appropriate bathing suit. Pray for me, bathing suit shopping is right up there with checking for head lice and cleaning up spew.

The elder cat is looking more frail to me but I think I'm just grieving over discovering that he is 21 years old. Preliminary grief doesn't accomplish much as we need to leave grieving for the actual end. Save some grief for the end, as a pastoral counselor told me once.

Young cat is busy on yard patrol chasing tree frogs, lizards and climbing trees on the run. He comes in for meals and the semi-obligatory cuddle then meows to go out.

The LH is getting up a golf game for tomorrow with three buddies. One buddy bailed this morning so getting another golfer is on his mind. Watching men make social contacts is entertaining. They don't do it as we do. I've been asked to purchase more golf balls. I swear I need to buy golf balls at garage sales by the grocery bag to keep up with the demand of spreading Mr. Casserole golf balls over a two county area.

Oh? Yes, I am preaching Sunday.
On what?
Well, I'm not quite that far as yet. It's only Thursday morning. Ekks! Ye Gads!
Oh! Best get to it........


Songbird said...

I was right there with you at 7:30 this morning. Later I had an inspiration for a dramatic message with several readers, but where is the time to write it? If I'm writing an ordinary sermon, it doesn't rush anyone else if I am finishing it up an hour before we leave for church!
But if two of the readers are my sons, and one is me, and the fourth only weaves in portions of Psalm 46, well, then, I have enough time...

PPB said...

let me know how the jergen's stuff works. i tried to buy some, but well, i'm the palest in my neighborhood by QUITE a lot, so i'd need to go to the suburbs to get it. it intrigues me, though. i hate being pasty but not enough to get skin cancer.

Anonymous said...

As a practicing golfer, I commend your husband for losing balls. It only takes one ball to play golf and, if never lost, there would only be, say, 1 million golf balls; however, because most of the population loses many balls, the various manufacturers, industrial and agricultural producers, and middle men are kept in business. I am positive that my lost balls keep several 3rd world countries afloat.

So, when your husband needs golf balls, think of all the families you are helping.

Expeditus D'golfus

nightwoodkitty said...

Please get Mr. Casserole new golf balls, not yard sale ones. Go to Costco and buy in bulk if you must.

St. Casserole said...

Update: Purchased 30 new golf balls, fifteen are "illegal" according to the package, for tomorrow. We don't have a Costco down here in Backwater, so I went to the giant sports store.

revmom said...

I've done the Jergens--fairly nice color if one exfoliates first and tries really, really hard to eliminate streaks. But it rubbed off after a shower onto one of my new white towels, and stained it, so user beware!

Mary said...

I can most definitely relate to the bathing suit shopping with daughter (some people out here say 'swim suit' but I like that you say 'bathing suit' like I do!) and I will pray for you. Hard. :)

I spent the entire day outside planting new flowers in the front walkway planters (several feet long on either side of our walkway up to the front door) and in our mailbox planter and I feel so VICTORIOUS! I love the feeling of having new green things growing and lots of colorful blooms peeking up from the ground to say hello! The bonus was going from pale olive green (it's really bad when you're a white Lebanese person because you look greeeeen!) to sorta-golden-brown while taking in some sun. Although I've seen that Jergens stuff and considered trying it, too.

Off-topic: one of my best and oldest friends recently started blogging and she mentioned the show Deadwood in her most recent (very touching) post. It made me think of you because you mentioned the show a little ways back.

Mary said...

No Costco?!!!



Anonymous said...

Since posting, I played golf with 3 friends. My wife called when we were just finishing and asked how it was going. I said, "Great, we played golf for 3 hours and looked for balls in the woods for 3 hours." We had a wonderful time.

And,what is a Costco.


ding said...

hm. jergens. i'll have to recommend it to my roommate. i'm brown and she's...translucent. (love her to death.)