Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I'm applying for a grant for my preacher group to provide us with books and a trip to study preaching uppada East Coast.

Any suggestions for books on preaching, commentaries or periodicals we might add to our list?

I read The Journal for Preachers from Columbia Theological Seminary each quarter, so it's on the list. The UMC preacher's like William Willimon's subscription preaching journal which is on their list of needed reading. What else do we need?


the reverend mommy said...

I personally love Fred Craddock, Tom Long and Barbara Brown Taylor. They all have associations with Emory in Atlanta. Also Haddon Robinson at Gordon Conwell and Jeter Allen have a couple of great books -- on on forms that I go back to over and over. I am reading Tom Long's new book "Witness" that is part of the same series as Don and Emily Salier's book -- I can't remember the name of the series right now.

Revmom said...

I echo the reverend mommy. Get your hands on anything/everything by the three giants she mentions! (Run, don't walk to your local book store!) Also Lectionary Homiletics' Journal. They are one of the sponsors of the Preaching Conference I'm going to next week

PPB said...

The Beecher Lecture books are always great. I think Ellen Davis' book on preaching the Psalms is coming out this spring.