Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Slump

Hitting a slump while playing a game, working on a project or writing a blog isn't fun. There's not much humor in being slump-y or stuck.

I'm stuck. I'm slumpy. I'm not hitting any of my targets. I think my sermons are boring; my blog is listless and my general demeanor is blah.

I'm getting enough sleep, exercise and green vegetables. I'm not so sure what's going on.

However, I do have a clue and I'm ready to publicly throw blame at my ennui

The LH signed up for Netflix. The LLS and TLSiL like Netflix so LH had to get it, too.

We began with the Vicar of Dibley (a favorite of mine), then Father Ted (not so funny), Ballykissangel (wonderful but we ran out of seasons to watch), Monarch of the Glen (watched all of those, too, then couldn't get more). Then it happened.

Under the influence of Rei, we began watching Deadwood, an HBO production. We've avoided HBO because of thrift and the desire to have some control over what the LS and LD watch. The first two episodes horrified me. I was outraged with the characters, the profanity of language and behavior. Profane. Rei warned me but I continued to watch.

We had to turn off the sound and stop the dvd when children came in to see us. I think I'm open to the culture but I must not be very open because the language began to wear on me. Repeated references to body parts and activities and dreadful treatment of women, disregard for life, greed, etc.

I got involved in the story of Deadwood. Characters like the despipable Al Swearingen had compassion; beaten down women rose up; Farnum reminds me of people I know here in the Backwater. I began to hum the theme music.

My pal Susan suggests that "garbage in/garbage out" is not good for me and for someone as suggestible as I needs to monitor what I see and hear. Duh. Of course.

There is much in culture I avoid because it doesn't interest me, repels me or seems part of the death-loving misery I don't believe in. If I walk through a casino, I get depressed watching the oldsters at the slots looking dead faced. Why don't they find an activity which enriches their spirits instead of paying the house to kill the hours? I don't hang out in bars because I don't see drinking as entertainment and I can visit with people in other environments with less noise and unpickled perspectives.

I know myself well enough to know I want to watch all of Deadwood. I want to know why the characters behave as they do and if there is any resolution for their conflicts. I want to see if they become better people or reconcile with one another. I want to see if hope emerges. Is there something these characters can teach me?

I mess with something until I master it or until I lose interest. No excuses here but I think Deadwood is getting to me and I best get to that place where I can let it go or I'll be known as "slump blogger".

You doing ok? How's it for you?


Marie said...

Maybe the ennui will lead to some sort of insight about Deadwood or television or something. I myself have a love-hate thing with the box. I can very well do without it, or at least without cable, but I can't stand to be left out of a discussion about The L-Word or American Idol or Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Good luck. It's good to know where the blahs come from.

And I've loved your recent blog entries, especially about the 13 year old girls. Not blah at all.

Anonymous said...

I must admit a secret addiction to Deadwood. It is like watching a car wreck and being both horrified and fascinated at the same moment.

Beware, the Deadwood preacher got a tumor, which could represent as a literary device an affliction of the soul from such despicable environmental factors.

Which, oddly enough, is what I feel each time I watch the news.


nightwoodkitty said...

I know what you mean about garbage/in garbage/out; I am tender that way too. However, TLAW and I got hooked to "L Word" which we agree is glamorous trash full of vaguely amoral characters.

More Monarch of the Glen comes out May 17.

The Iliad is horribly violent. What makes a classic?

Anonymous said...

Mos' preachas I know druther lick 'tween uh bear's toes afore they'd watch sumpin as vile as Deadwood. If'n it gits under yer hide 'n all, better ta up and quit now, afore they go 'n release thuh 2nd season on them round shiny plastic whatnots.

Calamity Jane already off 'n left everyone behind, mebbe she knows sumpin we don't.


Aola said...

I know how you feel though, I hate it when I start a book that makes me feel dirty and yucky but I have to finish it to see how it all ends.

haven't seen any deadwood.