Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cat Homework

Fish the Kitten here. We are naughty kittens. We have to write an essay about our behavior. Whistle, my brother the kitten, said he didn't bring a pencil. Then, he said the dog ate his essay. He is sleeping on the striped chair in the family room. I'm in the study using Her computer. Here is my essay:

I am almost five months old. I am curious about everything. I like to get into the shower with my people. I like to climb on chairs, tables and walk on the kitchen counter. I like to get into kitchen cabinets. I like to eat Your pecan raisin bread even if I have to chew through the bag to get it. I leave my cat toys around. I do not flush.
Everything I like to do I am not supposed to do. I do those things I ought not to do. I did snuggle with you really nicely the other day. I want to go outside when the kitchen door opens.
I am in big trouble for being myself. May I have another cat cookie? I can't think of anything else to write. Your kitten, Fish D'Wayne Cat 1-22-06

If I were a Human, I'd just be glad to have opposable thumbs so I could use a can opener, pull open the refrigerator door. If my kitten mis-behaved, I'd think, "Kittens have good fur so I'll recognize that kittens are superior and not fuss."

For St. Casserole, I remain,

Your Fish


Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
Just tell Her that you're going through a phase. Mothers know all about phases. I'm sure you're going to turn out to be a very fine cat. (Whistle, too.)
Aunt Songbird

Sue said...

Dear Fish,
I will echo your Aunt Songbird's suggestion. Indeed, this is a phase (or so you would like Her to believe). Cats rule. You and Whistle are great kittens, but you know that already.

juniper68 said...

I've been thinking about getting another cat (or maybe even a dog) but now I dont know....
Tee hee,

Texas Jaye said...

D'Wayne's identical brother Calamity walked right through the backyard the other day. He took off when he was young and now he is back. I don't know if he will hang out and allow me to catch him so he can go to the vet? I thought he had adopted another family and he did look well fed and healthy. But I don't know, he was out in the rain...