Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Here I am showing off our new dishwasher. Not everyone has an industrial dishwasher in a residential kitchen but we Casseroles felt this attractive machine added to our ambiance. My blue raincoat, short but foxy, helps me as I use that spray thing on the dishes.

Seriously, Folks, the dishwasher centers a home. Even if your dishwasher is you and your hands, where you stand to clean up glasses, knives, forks, cups, plates and pans is the epicenter of homelife. I should know as I spend time each day loading and unloading our dishwasher (a smaller under-the- counter model than pictured). Out come the clean, in go the dirty. I remove kittens from the lower basket, add the soap tablet and turn that baby on!

What was dirty become clean. What was unusable because of germs returns as sanitary. Life together means cups, more cups, glasses, more glasses and lots of large pans. Ordinary life is messy. The glory of life together is mess and order, meals shared then departure to places where one's life is spent until returning home.

Even philosophers do dishes.

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

You are very funny, as well as philosophical.
My dishwasher is humming away, and it is a good sound.

ppolarbear said...

Ooh....did the blue slicker come with the machine?

Purechristianithink said...

As I told my husband when we prepared to look for a house in CA, "I don't care about ANYTHING else, but I HAS to have a dishwasher." After seven years without I am counting the days . . .