Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Count Down to Valentine's Day

Mr. C. can hardly practice law these days because he's working on my Valentine's Day Extravaganza.

I'm ready for the Big Day for him and LD. LS will be out of the country so he's out of luck.

There's more to Valentine's Day than sweetie-pie-honey-bunch gooey lovey stuff with your Sweetie.

Valentine's Day is a great time to tell people that you appreciate them.

Today's Valentine's Warm-Up is: write notes to a few people who are on the edge of your daily radar but who make your world brighter. A former teacher would love to hear from you. That church member whose clear lovely voice you hear above congregational singing needs recognition. The vet who helped Fido through the infection, the neighbor who has a beautiful yard, the friend who lives far away but stays close in your thoughts, the cleaning staff at the children's school: all these would love to hear from you. Your note doesn't have to be a treatise on love. Write simply about what they do that you like. Take note of their contribution to your life.

Email and cell phones aren't the only way to communicate. Get out that stationery and write a few lines.

Yo Mama,

St. Casserole


reverendmother said...

Yes, ma'am.

I don't have your snail mail, so can I tell you here how much you brighten MY day?

Quotidian Grace said...

Yes, ma'am. And ditto RM!

zorra said...

One of the wonderful things about my dad was how quickly he would pull out stationery and dash off a note of thanks to anyone who had done a small kindness or whose quiet hard work he noticed and appreciated. He blessed many people in this way. May his tribe increase.

And thank you for blogging.

PPB said...

I must say I'm excellent about writing thank you notes, and notes of appreciation. Actually mailing them? Not so much.

Presbyterian Gal said...

What a lovely idea. And if I had your address I would say "you are the light bulb that shows me where I've forgotten my lovelies"

(Oh, just said it. Well, it would be on pretty stationery)