Friday, February 16, 2007

RevGal Friday Five

From reverendmother, this week's Friday Five:

I am downtown on retreat this week. Most of the retreatants are from out of town, so I get to experience this place through the eyes of visitors. So in the spirit of tourism:

1. What is one place you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit? (you can be vague to preserve your anonymity if you like)

The Disaster Tour. This means driving on the beach road to show how horrific hurricane damage as far as the eye can see in both directions. My commentary goes like this:
"this is where we went to a "Toast to the Coast" in a big beautiful home and grounds. Gone. This is where I taught for two semesters. Gone. This is where my friend's home was. Gone. This is where the tennis courts were. Gone. This is where the media huddled after the storm. You can see why they chose such a devastated site. This is where they found our sailboat. Amazing that it went so far, isn't it?"
From October '05 to March '06, I got so emotionally sick giving this tour that I HATED every minute. The only time I got through it during that period without freaking out was when Songbird and I did it. She was so sympathetic, in the healing way, that I felt better afterwards.

2. When visiting another city or town, do you try to cram as much in as possible, or take it slow and easy?

If we are exhausted, we go slow. If we are rested, we go wild. If it's NYC, I go full speed, regardless.

3. When traveling, where are we most likely to find you: strolling through a museum, checking out the local shopping, or _________________?
Traveling with Mr. C. means art galleries, design stores and coffee shops. Travels with P. in NYC means we eat and shop. If I'm alone, I ferret out the thrift stores, charity shops and flea markets. Not many people enjoy digging through junk the way I do.

4. Do you like organized tours and/or carefully planned itineraries, or would you rather strike out and just see what happens?
If I want to see a general area, tours are good, at times. Otherwise, I just strike out. Getting lost is part of the pleasure.

5. After an extended trip, what do you find yourself craving most about home?
Seeing family and sleeping in my own bed. My home shower is better than any shower any where else.


hipchickmamma said...

"Getting lost is part of the pleasure."

you absolutely named it! i completely agree!

blessings for continued healing.

QuakerPastor said...

In NYC I'm lost even when I know where I'm at...due to the exhilaration and fast pace of such a dynamic place-I love it!
Good Play!

will smama said...

Ooh, I got that tour... PLUS a coffee shop or two, an 'emergency' stop at the second hand furniture store, a random exit and a lovely lunch.

I had the Atticus.

Alex said...

We honeymooned in N.O. My dearest managed to drive over a bridge and then we had to pay a toll to return the way we came. The best Thanksgiving meal EVER was had on that trip, Cajun/French Thanksgiving. Yum.

jill said...

great play! thank you!

Songbird said...

You're too sweet!
Alex, I think St. C and I did the same thing on our way to the NOLA airport last month.

cheesehead said...

Yes, it is always a relief to come home.

But when you travel, the Parking Lot Girls (Candee and Randee) are so entertaining, aren't they?

("They're not bad girls, they're just misunderstood.")

I'm having a happy memory of traveling with you...

St. Casserole said...

Cheese, funny you should mention the Parking Lot Girls...

Do you recall the adage, "Own your own hotness?"

Travel with you IS educational in ways the Presbyies NEVER considered.

You got me laughing all over again.

Redzils said...

St. Casserole -

A friend and I will be driving south to NO this weekend. I would like to take the 'Disaster Tour' you mentioned as being important - do you have any suggestions on where we should go? We will have a car, so can get around.

I hope you dont mind this query - I just remembered you mentioning it, and think seeing the coast would be valuable to us northern girls.


redzils /at/