Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank you, Molly Ivins, for making us laugh, understand and keep going.

Your life made a difference in mine.


Gloria said...

I don't usually cry about the (individual) deaths of people I never met before. Call me callous, but it's true.

I cried about Molly.

Bag Lady said...

I am so going to miss her. Her writing made me feel as though she was someone I could just sit down and talk with.

Psalmist said...

Oh, no! I didn't hear about Molly's death until reading here.

She was my all-time favorite columnist. Nobody could turn a phrase like Molly.

I pray you're "dancing with the One that brought you," Molly.

Gannet Girl said...

Oh, yes.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

I read Molly Ivins regularly. I had noticed she wasn't in the paper recently and thought she'd been cut. I kept trying to get my rss to "work right" but that wasn't the problem afterall. dagummit