Saturday, January 12, 2008

From the Sun Herald newspaper, in an article about committee assignments for the new legislative year:

"Sen. Debbie Dawkins, D-Pass Christian, said despite her seniority, and asking every term to be placed on the Transportation committee, she was left off again - as were other women.
"No chicks whatsoever," Dawkins said. "I guess we just cannot understand asphalt and concrete and no-bid contracts. The estrogen must just block something so that we can't comprehend all that stuff like all the boys. I could stop taking the estrogen - then everybody'd be sorry.""

Sen. Dawkins speaks truth against the powers. Amen.

St. C


Songbird said...

I guess it gets in the way of a lot of things, huh?
Glad she told it!

Preacher Mom said...

Unbelievable. Oh wait, what am I thinking? All too believable. Sad. I'm glad to see she uses her voice courageously to draw attention to this inequality.

cheesehead said...

I like her--she reminds me of you.

Mary Beth said...

Go, Senator!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Time to rally!! Let's go burn some foundation garments.

*shakin' head* So, we are invited to the party, but just to watch? Stinks.

Sue said...


*shaking head*

Barbara B. said...

Awesome quote!!