Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We came home from our holiday retreat to a home filled with pet hair. Our house sitter was perfect and cleaned up for us for our return but three cats and one dog shed exuberantly. Taking out our Oreck 8 lb. vacuum I noticed that it was spewing dust rather than removing dust. Yuk.
I've repaired the Oreck several times over the years. It's a good vac but the repairs are not cheap and the very nice Oreck guy keeps very busy. As Christmas Day was coming quickly, I knew he couldn't do the repairs before the holiday.
Flush with Church Christmas buckage, I bought a Hoover Nano Lite at Walls Mart for less than fifty dollars. This vacuum is bagless. After the first part of our home was done and I'd dumped the dirt holder twice, Mr. C. commented, "it's surprising that the pets aren't bald". The Hoover does a great job and I am amazed at how much it picks up.
You folks with bagless vacs have seen how much yuk is picked up whereas we bag folks don't see the dirt but buy expensive bags for our machines. I'm telling you, I think this Hoover does a better job than the Oreck. I used the upright with a hose attachment built-in to clean the carpets of my car. Amazing! Much better job and easier on my hands and elbows than the small Oreck which came with my Oreck upright.
I'm over the Oreck and hereby declare the Hoover Nano lite (what a stoopid name!) the Official Vacuum of the Casserole Household.
Sincerely Yours,
St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

Wait...your church gave you a Christmas gift? For reals?

Can I be you when I grow up?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yup, love the bagless. We only have two cats and have stopped sneezing after the Dyson came to work here.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LOVE my bagless! Plus it makes me feel like I have really done something.

Sue said...

Your church gave you a Christmas bonus! Yay for your church - you SO deserve it!

We have a Kenmore canister vac that is very nice and picks up the cat hair nicely. And yes, our cats should be bald as well.

Rev SS said...

This mom of 4 cats thanks you for this recommendation ... next time I get wedding or memorial service honorarium I'm off to get one of these nano lights! (I agree, this is a soopid name btw)