Thursday, January 24, 2008

Garage sales aren't going well this month. The cold weather, rain and general January angst keep sellers from putting junk in the garage to sell.

2007 ! A great year for junk!

Here's what I want to find in 2008 or after:

sterling or 14kt. sewing thimble charm bracelet


Just so you know,

St. Casserole

Update: A bobcat is one person driving digger, mover etc. industrial equipt. thingies.

Things I found in 2007 at garage sales:
sterling water pitcher
white metal topped kitchen table very old and in good condition
real Kate Spade purse
M.A. Hadley bean pot
15 pieces of Henry Watson pottery
William Sonoma tablecloth
framed black and white photos of old men
various pieces for my religious collection like plaster saint statues, menorahs
vintage fabric
large cutwork vintage tablecloth
I mention the name brand stuff only to let you know what's out there. The Henry Watson stuff is among my favorites because it's fun to use and I got so many pieces.
All these things were very cheap or I wouldn't have bought them. If you search long enough you can find anything for a low price.


Songbird said...

Do they sell Bobcats at garage sales? (Which begs the question: do I know what a Bobcat is?)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Bobcat as in alive or bobcat as in tractor thingy?

I wanna garage sale with you.

Sue said...

We're having a Huge Extravaganza Garage Sale!!! in the Spring, once the snow is gone. Please come. We have good stuff.

Really - you could drive here after the Festival of Homies. It's not far at all.

Sue said...

In fact, everyone can come! We'll have a RevGal Canadian Adventure!

Chorus said...

Same question as Princess: Furry, adorable, meat-eating bobcat? or Steel, macho, dirt-eating bobcat?

Either would be cool...

Mary Beth said...

And if it's a furry bobcat, do you want it live or dead?

Cause my sister lives on a ranch and could likely get you either kind...

Cathy said...

If 2007 was a good year for garage sales, might you share with us some of the goodies you acquired?

will smama said...

Oh St. Cass, how happy my tummy is that you do not have access to the brakes on the Big Event's boat or else we might come to a screeching halt do to an island's half off sale.

Presbyterian Gal said...

We get bobcats in our back yard! You could come for a really long visit to see one. And we could visit garage sales while you are here.