Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Aunt Bostick,
I'm going to the RGBP BE next month. Any advice? Missing you, St.Casserole
Dear St. Casserole,
It's wonderful to hear from you. Just yesterday, I was telling Beulah Lynch the story about how you wore your vestments inside out and we laughed our heads off. Really, dear, your escapades keep us in stitches. I must remember to tell her about the time you fell out of your shoes while preaching! Keep her in your prayers; she's got competition this year for the Presidency of the Baptist Drum and Hymn Sing Association. I'm concerned her hives will act up because the stress .
I've got several things to pass on about the BE. First, get the idea of the "Love Boat" out of your head. No one dresses up for cruises anymore unless they are crossing the Atlantic. You can wear sleep pants, bedroom slippers and that ratty T-shirt and no one will care. I'm not sure people will notice. On the big dining nights, if your BE has one, be prepared to see people wearing everything from old bridesmaid dresses to bathing suit cover-ups in the dining room.
In my day, we dressed to ride airplanes. Now people look like they are on their way to the kitchen when they fly. Don't worry about your clothing. Cheesehead will be dressed better than you anyway.
Several of the RGBP gals will be exhausted from travel before they get on the ship. Help them get some rest so they can enjoy the speaker and meetings. I want all of you gals to relax, let down your hair and just be happy.
I know you talked Cheesehead into letting you room with her. Do I need to remind you to leave her things alone? Her make-up is her make-up, not yours. Try not to talk as much as you have the past few visits with her. She may want to have a thought or two without you yapping at her. Let her visit with her other friends, this isn't junior high school where you tried to pal around every second with Diane Gunn and drove her crazy. Let Cheesehead be Cheesehead without you hovering around like a crazed fly.
I hear that the speaker is going to be fabulous. Take notes so you can tell me what she says. Be sure to thank her for coming to the RGBPs because not everyone wants to be with a jiving group of clergywomen. Very few, in fact.
I hope everyone has a great time. I do not want to read about any of you in the newspaper. Try to let the other passengers get enough sleep.
Aunt Bostic


sherry said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

So sorry. I already tipped off one of the editors of the Times Picayune about the RGPB BE and I am really hoping for some excellent press coverage. So long as the revs are covered it should be OK.


zorra said...

No dressing for dinner? No Captain's cocktail party?
So, no strapless cocktail dress w/matching wrap?

Well, that will make packing a lot easier. Thank you, Aunt Bostick.

Susan O said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,
The line about dressing like one is headed to the kitchen made me spit out my diet coke.

cheesehead said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

What have you got against old bridesmaid dresses?


Kathryn said...

Dear Aunt Bostick
Please may I adopt you too? How did you know I was worrying about the fact that I have nothing. to. wear.?
I was thinking of using the curtains from the curate's house, since we won't be needing them when we move...but if the Aunt Bostick dress code pertains, all may yet be well.
Not sure if I'm more excited or nervous...Very sure I'll be jet lagged.
Oh...and the word verification is an anagram of my response to your wonderful wise words...because it is egligg. Good, eh?

Cathy said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,
I was wondering if you were Mrs. Doubtfire's sister - you sort of have an accent like her.

Also, tell St. Cassie and all her friends that if they don't have anything to wear, there are certain decks that allow for that dress code.

Cathy said...

Oh yeah, and if you go to that deck, you might find Jo(e) and her friends there.

Songbird said...

There's a nekkid deck?

Cathy said...

I believe there is a deck in which tops are optional. Not to worry, it is in a discreet location and you will have to LOOK for it :)

DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO take your picture at the place where there is a sign !

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

St Cass....you talk your head plum off to cheesehead. You know that she loves it or she would not agree to room with you. Also, she would not BRING her make-up if she did not want to share it. She is sweet that way.

Be yourself. Take lots of pics so I can see all of you.

And please hug everyone for me.

Mary Beth said...

Um, bridesmaid dresses...

All two of those of mine burned up in a house fire several years ago. (It started in the closet and NO I didn't set it)...

but that means I will be in the group wearing PJ's to dinner I guess...!

Cathy, does she have to take the pic TOPLESS at the sign?

Sue said...

Wish I was going on the BE. *sigh* St. C. - you will look fabulous in anything you wear because you're just like that. Fabulous.

Aunt Bostick's mention of Cheesehead's make-up has reminded me that I'm almost out of my favourite scented body lotion - the kind used and recommended by Cheese herself. Must order more...

Cathy said...

WEll topless can mean different things to different people


This is a link to a video which shows what I am talking about. Don't worry, it's safe.

1-4 Grace said...

I will sigh along with Sue...totally will miss out.
Youth wanted to do a Topless car wash. This is where you wash bottom half of car for free and ask for a donation to do the top half.
We had to veto anything that had the church's name and topless on the same sign. This is the SOuth and folks get cranked about the darndest things.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

Since I am sadly not going to be able to attend the BE, would you and the others not going like to come to my house? I will prepare a proper tea that includes brandy and sherry and we can sit around in housecoats and gossip about the girls on the cruise.

I could display my bridesmaid dresses. But I cannot wear them. I have not been that size since I was 3.