Saturday, February 16, 2008

The proper homiletical accountrement for sermon writing:

in Winter, the pink bathrobe with coffee stains and big pockets. In Spring and Summer, the beltless blue seersucker thrift store robe

highlighters and theUniball gold pen with teeth marks

quiet, no phone calls

cats, only if sleeping and off papers

coffee, iced tea or diet coke unless one is drinking water during Lent

do not brush your hair*

Bibles, exegetical research materials, books of poetry, P.J. James and a newspaper**

St. Casserole

*if you brush your hair, you may be tempted to run out of the house
**you-know-who suggested this


Whistle said...

She lets Dubby sit on her desk because he is there NOW.

She forgot to tell you that she goes around finding all the wonderful little bits of paper with notes about her sermon she writes during the week. She gets out her Moleskin DO NOT TOUCH IT! and reads what she thought about while she waited in traffic or at a boring meeting (she goes to these ALL THE TIME)

We are not allowed to play with her papers.

We pay no attention. We are cats by nature and calling.

Songbird said...

I love Whistle's take on this almost as much as yours!

Susan O said...

Ah, I go with the sweat pants fro college PE class myself.

Joan Calvin said...

So, it's OK if I'm still writing in my pjs after noon???

cheesehead said...

I am so with you on the hair!

Presbyterian Gal said...

My Lucy either sits behind my chair and pokes me with her right forepaw claw, or walks about the computer, sits on papers or knocks them over. They all seem to ignore the rules, don't they?

And I rarely remember to brush my hair at all, stayin' in or goin' out. But I do dress to write.

1-4 Grace said...

The hair idea is perfect. But I did go out (Walgreens run) one day sans makeup and sans hairbrush. When the lady at checkout looked at me funny for an extended amount of time, i knew somethign was wroong...bad, bad wrong.
Cats take over whatever I am doing. Mel insists upon sleeping in my lap regardless of what I am doing.
Mugs is sticking his paw though the desk (now) to grab the mouse.

Sue said...

I agree entirely. It is difficult however to do much of anything without cat intervention. If I close the door to the office, there is much protest and scratching at said door.

Cats rule.

Althea N. Agape said...

Padme will sit on the desk and meow and, if I continue to ignore her, begin knocking things off. Delenn will just come and sit right in front of the monitor and bat at the mouse.

Aren't they great companions? Right now, they're upstairs. I'm sure as soon as I get really into studying for finals they'll come help.

Mrs. M said...

Yes! to the PD James!

Linda said...

at what point in your ministry career do you get a pink bathrobe??