Saturday, September 20, 2008

11 a.m. Saturday Morning

I have:

made coffee, finished a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen
gone to 5 garage/estate sales
painted a butler's table purchased at garage sale
fluttered around my sermon manuscript looking for holes
pruned monk's head hibiscus
been bitten by a hornet for my trouble
talked with Mr. C.

What is on my mind:

Why do people believe what they believe about their political party?
I know the usual answers but I don't get why people support the other party.
How can I understand why reasonable people believe as they do in their chosen political party?

What I've decided to do:

Contact the husband of my Brokah*. They are both serious, committed other political party supporters. Ask him if he will discuss why he supports his party and how his party speaks to his life situation. Tell him that I want to talk with him because I respect him, have no desire to argue or make snarky comments. "Just tell me", I want to say to him, "Why?"

The hornet bite stings, it's too hot to prune the hibiscus, the butler's table is ready for a third coat of paint and I'm stuck on my sermon.

I intend to nap this afternoon.


St. Casserole

*Hat Tip to LLS for "Brokah" and ICANHAZACHEEZEBURGER for the pic.


Sue said...

Love the picture. Sorry about the sting - those are nasty.

Teri said...

I too am having trouble understanding why the other party. let us know when you find out, k? :-) hope your sting feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

they taught us in psych nursing that "why" is a question that puts people on the defensive... might want to re-phrase, but I am curious also - I have asked dear, sweet husband & he can't explain it even though he votes it

1-4 Grace said...

sorry about the sting...dont know any fixes for that one..
I also want to know the why part, but all too often in the answers, instead of why i supportt...
I hear why i dont support...
Which, is mostly what politics turns to. They tell us what is wrong with the other rather than what is good about themselves.
I am stuck on exodus, need to wash my car, and want to go to auction tonight.

Quotidian Grace said...

Good for you! More of us should be willing to have conversations like that.

I really admire you for seeking to understand another point of view.

Juniper said...

do you have a butler to go with the table?

I will be curious to hear the result of your conversation

Presbyterian Gal said...

I napped this afternoon and cannot believe how much better the world looks after sleep. Real sleep.

Hope the sting is better.

I don't get stuck on why anymore. I think I've knocked out too many brain cells from banging my head on that brick wall.