Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooler weather! It's here!

Going outside before daylight, to drink coffee and pray, the air is cold! Wonderful!

I'll drive to a Presbytery committee meeting this morning with Pastor Giant. We'll take my car because his car has problems. I'll enjoy watching the folding of his tall frame into my wee car.

He's a beginning friendship although we are an odd match. He's feeling the pull of the Spirit to change how he sees the world. Fascinating to hear him tell where his heart is going in his new call down here. People and situations he ignored before are opening up to him.

The Spirit works this way if we pay attention.

Our hearts can change and grow into new understanding, full of compassion and discernment.

I'm grateful to find a pal in this Presbytery. In heaven, I'll be with all of you and won't even remember the isolation I've felt here. Until then, the Spirit opens doors for me.



Gracebythesea said...

oooh ((st C)) so glad you are feeling so peaceful and have some good company and cool weather! Praise be!

Lydia said...

St. Casserole I remember how hard it was there and even though it is hard here it is hard in different ways . . . here women clergy are not ignored and devalued ... we are encouraged to use our gifts and are welcomed into leadership.

My heart breaks for all the years that your gifts have been ignored and your voice silenced . . . perhaps this has made you the St Casserole you are . . . and has made your voice and friendship so valuable.

May you and Pastor Gaint. . . is this who I think it is,be a blessing to one another . . . may the dream God planted in your heart come to fruition . . . it will bless many people . . . some who are near and dear to me!

God bless,


Sue said...

Love you. Mean it.

1-4 Grace said...

so glad you have a buddy now.
I relaize how much the friendships mean now. I felt the isolation and lonliness before...we should have jsut driven halfway and met up for coffee (or stronger!).
Anyhow, you have a buddy and i have a buddy and it is all good.

cheesehead said...

Why is it again that you don't live next door to me?


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Yeah for Spirit sightings...in Pastor Giant...and in yourself.

Jiff said...

Buddies are good.