Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday, September 2 6:49 AM CDT

The local newspaper has pictures of our area here

The birds are singing this morning. I'll put the bird feeders out for them later.

We slept well and are ready for today.

Thanks for standing with us,



God_Guurrlll said...

I'm glad you are OK. Thanks for the updates. I was thinking of you all weekend long and I am still praying for you.

Peace and love,

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so glad that all of you are alright! And that you have power. And that the birds are singing.

Songbird said...

Love you, so glad you're okay, and those pictures are amazing.

1-4 Grace said...

Thank you for keeping us udated.
Glad you all slept well and have gotten needed rest for today.
The photos are crazy wild

revabi said...

so glad you are okay and birds are singing. Been saying prayers for you.
Don't worry about Hannah, she is projected to go the other way.
Peace to you,

DogBlogger said...

Add me to the "so glad" parade!


Mary Beth said...

Great to read you, and thanks for the link to the pix. It was very frustrating yesterday that all the news coverage was NOLA and a little bit from Waveland. How can they not have covered this!?

Deja vu?

loves, mb

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm also very glad you are okay. Looking at those pictures, it's amazing to me when the caption indicates Katrina was far worse.

Sue said...

Love you. Mean it.

Reformed Catholic said...

I was following your blog and Gustav throughout the weekend.

I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi for training, and went back a few times for advanced training when I was in the Air Force.

I still remember walking down to US-90 from the base to the beach, and thinking how flat and close to sea level this place is.

Looking at the storm surge from Gustav, and the pictures Jim Cantore took 3 years ago when he was at Gulfport (I believe) during Katrina, I am saddened by the thought of how so many people rebuilt, and now they'll be tearing up and replacing drywall all over again.

Christine said...

Please say a few prayers for us over here in Baton Rouge. The city is a disaster area.

Dr Moose said...

Good to hear you are OK. "Knowing" someone in the path of the storm makes it take on a whole different perspective. I wonder if there are any bloggers in the cyclone areas of Asia for comparison?

Continued prayers and thoughts.

mibi52 said...

Thank goodness you all are okay.

Patti said...

I'll pray for you guys everyday until Christmas.