Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lifeway Stores pulled this issue of Gospel Today from magazine racks because it features clergy women on the cover.

Lifeway is a bookstore of the Southern Baptist group. "Lifeway" sounds less denominational and more cool.

I've never read or heard of Gospel Today before the cover issue flap.

Two things: Clergy women must be doing something right if a picture of happy Christian women scares people, and, 2: I'm not buying from or stepping foot into a Lifeway Store.

Blessings to each of you today,



Songbird said...

The same to you, dear friend. Let's go out and do something right today!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

and imagine in the photo the women look hip & happening... not you know wearing denim jumpers & birkenstocks, hair in buns, glasses perched on nose, and sort of 'american gothic'... so yeah i can see the huge controversy!

here's to looking hip & fabulous today & preachin' the good news!

Sue said...

Holy Moly. I'm speechless. Just speechless. Someone remind me - what century are we living in now???

Purechristianithink said...

Have any of the women featured commented publicly on this?

1-4 Grace said...

This has been a big story with article in local paper and two news spots. I have had to use the store as it is the only Christian one in area, but the materials sold are so so conservative, it makes me cringe.
I did go in to ask for a copy of magazine from (behind the counter...Lifeway still sales it, but you have to ask for it at counter....Uh, sounds like pornography).
Anyhow, the saleslady was nice, but told me they had not carried it and it would have to be ordered...
Get this, she told me quite a few folks had already asked for it.
Once again, an atempt by conservatives to prevent word from getting out has done the opposite and brought on more itnerest.
I had also not heard of magazine until article appeared.
Anyhow, still trying to get my copy!
I also like the hip dressed ladies with stylish dos...only problem is, I am so not that hip!

Patti said...


Presbyterian Gal said...

*purses lips* *taps foot*

Those women are wearing black!

And those "smiles" look more like evil gleams!!

Must be witches for sure!!!

Gonna buy a bunch of them 'zines, burn 'em and eat steak in the tradition of the righteous Salem brethren.

(geez Louise this crap gets tiresome)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

It just makes no sense at all. How sad.

cheesehead said...

Sometimes the mens are too a-skeered of the Fierce and Fabulous for Jesus.

Just sayin'.

Sally said...

smiling sadly.... great post thanks for drawing attention to this stupidity on the part of lifeway!!!

will smama said...

damn. I have spent recent days being livid for a friend who was cast aside for a male with 10 years less experience... and now I see we should be thankful that men allow us to be ordained at all.


Erin said...

Oh, St. C.,

If only Tina Fey read your blog!!! Then we'd get some answers out of those Lifeway dunces. Or at least some laughs at their expense.

Grateful for ALL who serve God and neighbor,

Diane said...

I'm suddenly interested in Gospel Today magazine.

no Lifeways here, thank goodness..

Nann said... Gospel Today isn't even on the radar screen at the WELS or LCMS bookstores.