Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ministry Things

Do not forget to take up the offering. If a church member waves a check at you, consider that you may have forgotten.

Take all food offered to you. If you have a new or newish car, please do not bring home a crock pot of hot soup. Just don't.

If you forget where you are in your sermon, you are in trouble. Look down at your outline and begin praying.

Even if the Holy Spirit is watching your back, wearing your chasuble inside out will show.

Pick a few hymns the congregation knows. Just a few. No one is asking you to be perfect.



1-4 Grace said...

These are all very good points to know. May i also add that one should not put the triffle bowl with Nutter Butter Banana Pudding in it, even if you live .2 miles from the church. because, when you make the turn out of your driveway, it will spill...and it will NOT be set because you did not get it into the fridge until after 11PM and it needs 24 hrs.
Yes, this was part of my day

Presbyterian Gal said...

THESE are the things that should be taught at seminary!

St. Cassie, you need to write a textbook.

Rev SS said...

very good things to know (sounds like you may be a bit stressed?) (((St CC)))

Kathryn said...

Love you lots, St C...and that list is a huge inspiration on a Monday morning. Bless you xxx

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I would think that those are very important things...expecially if they are all happening on the same day.

Songbird said...

How about forgetting to say the Words of Institution? That's on my list from yesterday, truly.

Magdalene6127 said...

And: try not to let one person's anger infect the rest of your day (and night, and morning after).

Ooooh!!! Word verification: disholy.

It is!

cheesehead said...

Sounds as if many of us were having the same kind of Sunday.

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

the closer i get to graduation, the more i realize i don't know about pastoring... thank you for these!!