Monday, June 20, 2005

At Church yesterday, the sweetest thing happened. One of my people brought his grandson, about 8, to worship. The boy is happy and chatty and full of himself. A charming kid if I ever saw one. He was up in the raised pulpit area with me before worship began and when the prelude started he continued sitting next to the pulpit.

"Do you want to stay there?" "Yes" "OK"

He sat next to me through the service. He looked at me and watched the congregation. Never a word, sound or interruption. When it came time to take up the offering he was happy to help the elder.

This wouldn't happen in a big church. Or in a stuffy church. Yet, there we were with a child who wanted to be close to see everything.

Love it!


PPB said...

That's awesome.

Friday Mom said...

Wonderful! A gift for us all to see worship through the eyes of this child!