Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thank You Note to Cats

Dear Cats,
Thank you for the dead dove you presented outside the study door. I didn't realize you had given this gift to me until I noticed the flies and feathers. You were kind to think of me.
I understand that kill gifts are high praise from you and I want you to know I am grateful.
Your thoughtfulness at placing the gift right where I step out of the door into the courtyard
convinces me of your loving gesture.
I saw a little lizard without a full tail and think that he may have been intended as a gift for me, too. Your good wishes for me touch me deeply.
StCasserole, She Who Feeds and Waits on Cats Hand and Paw


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Aola said...

Once I had a cat jump up on my bed and bless me with the gift of a trantula. Yes, thank you, kitty.