Friday, March 03, 2006

Dear Uncle Pollard,
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful note. I hope you have a deep and blessed Lent yourself.

I didn’t realize how timely your comments were on the South Dakota decision until our State voted the same way yesterday. Our Governor insisted on rape and incest as exceptions. I suppose he was using compromise to get the law passed. I’d like to shake hands with all those ( how many one wonders) who pressed him for these exceptions.

You commented that being against abortion is all one has to do to be considered righteous. I suppose you are correct but I’m sorry we live in this kind of world. Righteous, as I understand it, is a deeper concept than "correct political belief" and I worry that reducing the concept to being against "homer-sexuality" and preserving all pregnancies hurts in ways we can’t imagine.
I heard a woman on the radio say that we are demeaning children born of rape and incest by allowing them to be on the "hit" list for enforced pregnancy. Then she said that the women she knew would choose to die to save their infants if only one could live through labor and delivery.

Like you, I feel that we are moving to enforced pregnancies and perhaps having a "cycle check" each month for women to make sure that they are not endangering human life.

Because I spent so many years hoping for a successful pregnancy, I feel close to the issue and have since it took over the national scene in the 1970's.
I heard another radio person say that until we declared that all life begins at conception we’d never be safe from the liberals. I'm afraid of those who want to control pregancies for others. I suggest that until we make life safe for all children, nothing we say or do about abortion will make any difference in God’s eyes. Great pre-natal and life-long health care, good nutrition, parental education, good schools, fair pay and meaningful work need to be in place for every child. Providing safe contraception to stop children having children makes sense, too.

We have so many needs down here in Mississippi that I wish our legislators spent time making education and good jobs a priority rather than passing fatuous laws. It’s election time and I suppose the "righteousness" law is a no-brainer. There was talk of removing the 7 % tax on groceries but the legislature couldn’t work out how to allow people to buy milk and bread without the tax. Makes you think...

Love to you and Aunt Cordie. Come see us.

St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

until we make life safe for all children, nothing we say or do about abortion will make any difference in God's eyes

And that is really the point, isn't it?

Amen, sister!

Songbird said...

As a woman who needed the services of a supportive physician when the worst possible thing was happening, my heart is troubled by the images of women who will not have the same right. Why are the beliefs of everyone but the woman involved so important?

LutheranChik said...

Because women are evil temptresses who lead righteous men astray, just like their Mother Eve, and they must be subjugated and kept silent according to God's providential plan as recorded in Scripture.

That was me, doing my fundamentalist impersonation.:P

Of course, speaking as one of the evil "homer-sexuals"...I suspect that if one could prenatally test for sexual orientation, the same righteous folks would make selective abortion a sacrament.

Songbird said...

Oh, LutheranChik. I understand why you feel that way, but it makes me so sad.

Texas Jaye said...

I don't "support" abortion, but I have supported women who made that terrible choice. I have driven them to the clinic, held them when they got the news, held cold rags on their foreheads, checked on them over the long weekend.

It is such a terrible choice. While I could not have an abortion, I do not judge those who do. I believe that it is wrong to force a woman to be pregnant or it is wrong to force a woman to have an abortion.

So if this is the way we are going let's have universal health care for everyone, including health care for pregnant women. Let's make sure that every child has a bed, a home, food, and is never struck in anger. Let's make sure that those who would harm them are tried and if convicted, punished. Let's make sure that no child lives in fear, in want, in danger, or does without those things that bring children safety, peace, and joy.

No kids sacking groceries on a school night. Safe schools, new books, clean classrooms and restrooms. Good teachers.

What a heavan on earth in America--wait why not the whole world? No children left at home alone, mothers who work at home should be paid a living wage for their invaluable service.

I am getting giddy and light headed aren't I?

St. Casserole said...

Jaye, you aren't giddy. You have a vision. Thank God you envision a better world. "Without a vision, the people perish.."

and a big hug to Lutheranchick (o)

reverendmother said...

Amen, St. Cass. And I think *you* are a righteous babe.

peripateticpolarbear said...

I agree RM, I think St Casserole's blog should have the byline: St Casserole, one righteous babe.