Friday, March 24, 2006

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five "Planet St. Casserole"

Songbird invites us to create our own Planet Us RevGalBlogPals for the Friday Five. What would be in my Planet St. Casserole shop?:

1. Dark Chocolate cake, cookies, candy, fudge and cocoa but no chocolate-y fragrances or body lotions. "Chocolate is sacred. Eat it; don't wear it." (from St. Casserole, GUIDE TO LIFE, page 13)

2. Sterling silver flatware, holloware, antique monogrammed, trophies, luggage tags and bracelets. Lots of vintage and antique sterling. Lots!

3. Books! No self-help except devotional lit but lots of biographies, murder mysteries, novels and coffee table art books all around the shop.

4. Comfortable chairs for people under 5' 5". No chairs where short people sit with their legs stuck out straight. Comfortable pillows, probably vintage needlepoint but no down-stuffed pillows.

5. You. What would Planet St. Casserole be without you??

Thanks, Songbird

St. C


will smama said...

Awww, #5 is so sweet (as is #1).

Songbird said...

I suspect there would also be some *very* black coffee.
I could hardly keep myself away!

Sue said...

Amen on the chairs for those of us under 5'5" -- save one of those chairs for me while I go and get some chocolate :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am 5'4" so please save a chair for me too.

cheesehead said...

Can there be at least Amazonian chair for us poor souls who are 5'10"?

Quotidian Grace said...

What cheesehead said !

Aola said...

Planet Aola would be one big garden with lots of places to sit and meditate, read, and drink coffee.
I would visit your chocolate planet often.

St. Casserole said...

Cheese and Grace! Of course there will be chairs for tall girls!

I got excited thinking I was the first to respond to Songbird's Friday Five, then I went to her blog and saw that I was behind six or so folks. Oh well...for a moment I thought I was ON TIME!

Songbird said...

That was just last night's preview, St. Casserole. You were the first to respond to the honest-to-goodness Friday Five.