Thursday, March 09, 2006

One step forward, two steps back.

Bay St. Louis, hard hit by Katrina, is making progress. I saw the damage there early last October and was depressed for days. The town is cleaner, more houses look repaired or beginning to be repaired and business are re-opening. I'm happy when I see progress.

I visited in BSL with Little S. twice. Love talking with her! She could be a RevGal except that she is Luddite and proud of it.

On the other hand, the trip to BSL was miserable. I followed trucks blowing black smoke, dodged dangerous debris falling off trucks onto the interstate while fighting to stay on the highway with the big trucks and pick-ups.

I don't know how the town stands all the dust blowing and dirty air. It's discouraging

My BSL preacher pal's repaired home is beautiful. He and his wife redesigned the interior of their damaged home into better space for their family. The new kitchen is great and they picked out beautiful furniture. I'm happy for them.

Over in my neck of the woods, I took a prescription to the neighborhood pharmacy. The tech returned the script to me with the comment, "We can't fill this until tomorrow at 5." Great. A full 24 hours to wait unless I can find another pharmacy. Why? Not enough pharmacists or techs.

The neighborhood grocery store opened. The movie theater won't be re-built. My bank branch will be closed for another few months. We don't have a bookstore on the Coast.

St. Casserole


Quotidian Grace said...

No bookstore? Oh, dear. I know a shortage of pharmacy staff is probably a more critical need...but the lack of a bookstore is truly dire for the soul.

I wish I had one of those old book-mobiles to drive over for you.


seawitch said...

st c,

Barnes & Noble is almost ready to reopen! The even have signs out now saying that. Six months later and there are still shortages. Like you, I never know what to expect at the grocery stores!

cheesehead said...

Oh dear, no bookstores is what leapt off the screen at me, too.

Praying, praying, praying.

PS:I got a long juicy letter from my members who are parked in you-know-which Church parking lot. It helped me remember why I do this.

Sue said...

No bookstore? Oh St. C. that is so sad.

I'm praying too.