Friday, June 16, 2006

Dear Mr. C,

I apologize for addressing you in this formal manner but there may be others reading this letter. We live in a world where our government listens to phone conversations and now the police may enter our homes and whatever they find may be used as evidence whether or not the
it is specified in a warrant. Or so I read in my complimentary copy of USA TODAY in our very elegant hotel.
Here in Birmingham, the living is very Southern although the large highway billboards with "I POOTED" make me uncomfortable. Rather crude for public view to my mind.
Anyway, thanks for the jewelry you bought me today at the Unclaimed Luggage in Scottsboro. I drove up into the mountains this morning to make a pastoral visit and just happened to stop there. I had no idea that sterling bangle was a James Avery until I louped it back home.
I hope that Fish the Kitten is home by the time you read this. I worry about my lil fur balls being outside and facing danger. Please take his keys away when he comes home.
I'm doing my best to have a happy attitude about the GA. I'm delighted with my roommate here at the Grand Hotel, Cheesehead. She's fun and we are swigging Diet Cokes and talking shop.
I have more to say but I can't remember. I'm tired after a long day. I miss you and I'm not coming home this weekend. The GA doesn't end until next Thursday. I thought I told you this. I hope the chil'run behave, the cats don't blog and your dog remains continent.


St. Casserole


Apostle John said...

Mrs Apostle John and I can't understand the billboards in Birmingham.

"I pooted" -- huh?

"Clowns Don't Like Tangerines" -- oh?

And then there is the divestment billboard. Whatever you think of divestment, I cringe at the cost of politicing.

Anonymous said...

it's an ad for Cartoon Network cartoons