Thursday, June 29, 2006

Guest Blogger: Whistle

Whistle the Kitten here. I am going to be one year old in human years on August 28,2006. Please start buying me presents.

I am writing this essay to get out of trouble. I do not like it that P.P. Puppy gets Cat Cookies because she is a dog. Cat Cookies are for us. Not the dog. My mom says I am "Ungracious, stingy and should count my blessings." I am writing this essay to get out of trouble.

My Blessings by Whistle

I eat good cat food everyday and my Mom knows how to fix our cat food with warm water sometimes and I really like her cooking.

We get fresh wheat grass grown for us so we can have a salad bar. This grass is not coated with chemicals or anything gross. I like it. Indoor cats need a green snack everyday according to my Mom.

We get cat cookies everyday. They are called "greenies" on the package and I will do anything to get one. I stand on my back paws and do tricks to get Cat Cookies. The magic words to call me from anywhere are: "kitty, kitty, kitty, CAT COOKIES!!!!"

My people love me. I sit with them if they are sad or tired or crabby. They know just how to rub my ears and scratch under my chin.

We have a fancy litter box and know how to use it. Our Aunt LLS could say of us that we are "good producers".

I am on school vacation now because our Catechetics Class is on summer break.

My mom bought sixty furry mice on eBay and I like them. If I am very good, I get a new mouse. She has about 55 of them left because I am not being "gracious" enough.

We have a big box of furry mice in our house. This merits another mention in the blessing essay.

We have a summer reading program. First book is "Cat in the Hat"; second is "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Mom says to ask you what we should read next.

Whew! I'm sleepy and need another morning nap. I hope I get out of trouble.
Remember, only a few days of shopping left until my birthday.


Whistle the Kitten


RTR said...

Whistle --

May I recommend the "Mrs. Murphy" mysteries by Sneaky Pie Brown and her human Rita Mae? Mrs. Murphy is ever so wise. My human always learns something from her.

Rascal T. Rubble

Girlkitty said...

Ooh, Mrs. Murphy stories are very good.

Psalmist said...

Our human suggests "The Cat Who..." series, but typically, due to her advanced age, she forgets the author's name at the moment. We're smarter than the two siamese in the stories and way smarter than their human, Qwilleran, but then superior beings ARE good stories; they don't WRITE them.

Rosie & Jenny
(masters of the Psalmist, our devoted human)

Songbird said...

I recommend "Alice in Wonderland" for lessons in how to disappear and give everyone a fright!

Your friend in Maine,
Puss Puss

Mark Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Whistle!

Albert and Isaac
(speaking for their people, Mark and Carolyn)
Hamilton, NJ

SpookyRach said...

The Mrs. Murphey books that RTR recommended are pretty good. I like 'em a little better than "The Cat Who..." books.

I gotta find me some of them Cat Cookies!

St. Casserole said...

You did good work here. I hope you take your essay to heart and share graciously with the Puppy.
Your blog buddies have good suggestions for your summer reading list.
One more thing, did you tell Fish the Kitten that Barbara Walters called to offer him Star Jones' seat on THE VIEW? If so, please go calm him down with the truth as he is acting funny.

Your Casserole

Sue said...

Hey Whistle,
We LOVE green cat cookies in our house. All we have to do to get them is stare at our humans for a very long time. Eventually they get the idea, though sometimes they are very slow. Green cookies are worth it -- excellent yummies.

Forget the books -- we prefer watching soccer on the big box in the living room.

Truffle and Ouzo

Purechristianithink said...

I wish I could send you a lizard. As far as I am concerned, they are the best thing about living in California. I brought my favorite human one last week, but he freaked out and shoved my right back out in the yard. He didn't even taste it! Oh well, more for me . . .

Elizabeth the Cat

Mary Beth said...

How about Cat Ballou? Is that a book or just a movie? Movies are good, too.

Mom says when she lived in Houston where there were lots of lizards, her cats used to eat them and grow a third eyelid. Yuck! So be careful if you go for lizards.

Mamma Tiger Kitty Butler Pritchett