Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy June 1st !

Summer is a great time to catch up on stuff you couldn't get done during the regular year. Or, at least I think it is. Our home hops year round with activity.

The children are out of school so I have more time with them. I like this although LS is busy with his work and his friends. LD went to a church meeting with me yesterday in Hancock County. We met in the sanctuary where she found a distant pew to nap upon.

I like to stay up all night to read through a book. Summer is great for this. I like to eat snow cones/SnoCones at least once during the season.

What would I do if I had all the time in the world?

Write a book with photographs about backyard weeds. Here in my established yard, we have a variety of weeds whose names I do not know. I can identify dollar grass, Monk's head hibiscus and devil weed but I don't know the correct names.

Start an antique jewelry club to learn more about the old stuff.

Have people to dinner once a week.

Spend long hours in a studio making my found object boxes.

Travel on a banana boat to South America.

What would you do? You can add activities of great meaning like healing the sick around the world and memorizing the OT but put some fun stuff for yourself in your list, too.

Waving a Banana Leaf at Y'all,

St. Casserole


Sue said...

I would go "off-grid" for a few weeks -- ie. no newspapers, no tv, no radio, no computer. Sometimes shutting off the world's chatter is a good thing to do.

I would take up dog-walking for my friends who work all day and have canine friends at home. I have never owned a dog, so I'd like to get to know a couple. My guess is, as soon as that happens, I will need to own one. Or two.

Aola said...

I would love to take a long trip to Montana, seeing everything between here and there throuh Seth's eyes (because he's never seen the mountains), have extended visits with all the people we know there and come home before winter hits.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*perks* Found object boxes? Oh I MUST. SEE.

That sounds right up my alley!!

Pretty please?

mibi52 said...

The off-grid thing is very appealing. In my childhood, I used to spend summers on a webbed chaise longue in the back yard, reading book after book after book in the dappled sunlight under the trees. Every morning I'd walk to the library, get out a few more books, go back into the back yard, and read some more. Bliss! The variant on the theme would be to be by some mountain lake, with my feet dangling in the water, reading all the books I never have time to, or by the ocean under an umbrella, with my feet in the surf, reading all the books I want. detect a theme here?

Songbird said...

This is such a good question, I'm going to answer it at my place. :-)

revabi said...

This is a great question. I would be on the beach, on the beach, on the beach, reading, reading some more, watching the waves, walking, walking, resting, resting...margaritas,

Mary Beth said...

I'm with Abi at the beach, as long as it's St. Teresa Beach in North Florida. I think Cathy from CathyKnits might want to come with; she grew up going there, too.

I'd rather have beer at the beach but margaritas are great if you're buying, Abi.

I would take out more books from the library than I can carry at one time. In the summer I love love love to find a new author and go right straight through the oeuvre. When I was in high school I did this. I read Vonnegut, Bradbury, got stuck on Salinger.

I want to join the antique jewelry club!

I have a fab hammock that my little sister gave me when I graduated with my MA, and it is my delight place.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

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