Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kitten Birthday Countdown!

Today, tomorrow and Monday!!! Then, count to August 28th!

Whistle and I will get new big cat Cat Food. No more kitten chow for us! We will be ONE! Big cats! Really, really Big Cats!

Whistle said it's rude to remind you of our birthday. He said it sounds like a "gift grab" to him. So what?

Our party will be great! You can come to it!

No stupid party hats, ok?

Sincerely yours,

Fish the Kitten


peripateticpolarbear said...

Hey, I'm all about the birthday hats, though. Can I wear one anyway? Just so long as I don't make anyone with pointy ears wear one?

Sue said...

I can't wait for the big party!

Songbird said...

Shall I bring along some lobster?

Psalmist said...

Hello, Fish. Jenny and I send our best, and many thanks to you and Whistle for your human's message that you invited us to visit you. We must respecfully decline, as much as we would like to party with you, since the big fluffy freak (aka Jenny, the other feline slavemaster I share the apartment with) is a terrible traveller. She forgets what a litterbox is, she gets so hyper. Now me, I like a nice car ride...for about two minutes. Then I get bored and decide Psalmist needs a claw-laden neck warmer. Otherwise, I do "impending death of a cat" act if she shuts me in a cage. So since she drives and we have yet to purchase our cat-sized Hummer, and she refuses to drive us anywhere except to the hated vet, well...we're stuck here in Psalmist's apartment. But we're still working on that book we promised to send you. It'll help you get your human slaves on their best behavior in no time.

Oh, Psalmist said to tell St. Casserole she's been tagged for a book meme (yawn) at Ten Books - a book meme.


mid-life rookie said...

I'm new here, so I'm just wondering- Do Fish and Whistle's names come from the John Prine song?