Friday, July 28, 2006

RGBP Meet-Up!

While you all were eating dinner, watching re-runs of "Andy Griffith" and loading the dishwasher, I was eating dinner with Purechristianthink near Pearlington. We left the dreadful mess of an isolated, unincorporated village to drive to Nearby Town. We found a place to eat and sat down to visit.

PCT is kind to come to the Zone, find the most pitiful place (East Biloxi would be next or BSL) and help do whatever needs to be done to restore housing and hope. And, she brought friends.

When I say "isolated", I mean it. On my first drive there yesterday, I couldn't believe how "back in the woods" the village sits. I recall hearing that Pearlington received help after Katrina only after emergency workers realized the place existed. PCT reminded me that churches were the first to arrive to help. One of our denominational sites is there with pods for housing workers, showers and a kitchen.

Having dinner with a RGBP thrilled me. We talked and talked, ate and ate. I'm proud to know her and hear about her ministry far, far away.

She suggested that the denominational site needs a cat to patrol for mice. She saw dogs running in the village but no cats. If it is safe for cats there, I'll find out about placing one.

Here's the ad for the Cat Times:

Wanted: Stalwart, mature cat to handle mousework at a disaster site in the woods. Ideal candidate would speak Dog and have diplomatic skills to work in isolated area with a high population of dogs. Hunting skills a must. Must enjoy attention from people such as ear scratching, lap-sitting and ability to purr when handed cat treats. Dry and hot napping areas abound. Wifi not available at this time. Send application to....


St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I'm so happy you had a chance to meet! Wish I were there, too. Mr. C and I drove out in that direction in January but never found the village. God bless the church volunteers from far, far away and the people of Pearlington, too.

peripateticpolarbear said...

I've been on web sites looking for a kitten. And a lot of them are looking for barns to place altered, innoculated feral and semi feral cats---good mousers, they. Sounds like it would do the trick---but with no lap sitting, purring or ear scratching.....

St. Casserole said...

Dear Best PPB,
I haven't cleared getting a kitty for the kamp with the Director there. My main concern is the roaming dogs. Most of the trees are down now but I guess the cat could jump on top of a pod temp. housing unit.

Good thinking on your part. Thanks,
St. C

Hydropsyche said...

I just returned from the PDA camp in Gautier, MS which has a wonderful manx ginger tabby named Bob Dylan who views it as his personal duty to eat all the crabs and katydids in camp.

Purechristianithink said...

Hi St. Cass! I have arrived safely back in civilization after our week in Pearlington. Our last night in camp we were all awakened around 3 a.m. by loud barking from the Chloe the Camp Dog. I was too groggy to go investigate-- I just put my pillow over my head and tried to ignore it. But one of our group roused himself and went out into the darkness---to discover Chloe at the base of a tree up which had scampered a yellow kitty cat who was sitting on a branch spitting and hissing. The Volunteer Village manager told me it was his understanding that Chloe was soon to be adopted by a family in Michigan who had been at the village earlier this year. I'd still say any Camp Cat wishing to serve in Pearlington had better be tough and quick on her feet.