Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Birthday Portraits Gone Wrong

Here we are with our best friends, LD and her best friend. We are not happy. We are almost one year old and our mom put hats on us and said, "Hold the kittens!" Not words we want to hear when tiny straw hats are involved. Maybe not ever.

We look really great even if we are wearing lil straw hats. Fish has a bandana with cats printed on it. He took it off as soon as we were free.

Have you bought our birthday presents yet? The party is on August 28. Location and attire TBA.

Whistle the Kitten


reverendmother said...

Love the cats in hats. They look totally nonplussed, as if the whole thing is an affront to their dignity. Which it is.

Dogs, on the other hand...

"Oh boy! Oh boy! I'm getting attention! Dress me in a tutu! Put bows on my ears! pant pant pant pant..."

Mark Smith said...

We can't believe that you have to put up with things like that. The only problem that we have is that Carolyn sometimes pulls on our ears, and Mark doesn't feed us fast enough when he gets home from work. And they insist that we not scratch the furniture.

On the other hand, all we get for our birthday is a little extra wet food.

Albert and Isaac Smith
(age 10.5)

Songbird said...

Hey, Whistle~
Wait until you get to be 14 years old. They don't make you do foolish things anymore, just say how glad they are to have you around. You get canned food every day--doctor's orders!! And sometimes it's lobster.
Your friend,

mibi52 said...

The heat has gotten to you...

annie said...

I can't believe the two of them sat still long enough for you to get one picture, much less, three!

(mibi52 may well have a point!)

Friday Mom said...

Mibi made me spit diet coke on my computer. I think she has a point.

Kathryn said...

All they need is a gondola, I'm sure...
Happy nearly birthday, Whistle and Fish. Things can only get better ;-)

Purechristianithink said...

Dear W&F,
Every year at Christmas my people insist on attaching tiny reindeer antlers to my head. They think this is hysterical. Hardee har har. You have my sincere sympathies.

Elizabeth the Cat

Sue said...

Oh the indignity of it all. When will humans learn that cats don't need accessories? Our exceptional beauty does not require the same embellishment as a dog. *sigh* Happy Birthday anyway. Hopefully you can destroy these little hats (We suggest chewing them, or throwing up on them) before August comes.

Truffle and Ouzo

cheesehead said...

Hey W&F,

I don't know what dogs RM has been hanging with, but this dog is utterly mortified when his mommy, a silly teenage girl, puts "snazzy bandanas" around his neck.

My sympathies.


see-through faith said...

I have a suggestion for the hats ... treats in them.

your canine friend, Mindy the evangelist. (yeah that's what we four-legged friends do, we befriend people so our pets can talk with them!)

Psalmist said...

Oh, our dear young friends, this is painful to see!

What tolerant slave masters you are! Had this been our human, the wounds on her legs would have required major surgery to close. We still have all our claws and know how to use them. Yes, we must treat their human slaves with kindness, as the Apostle Paul observed, but there *are* limits to what a cat should have to endure at the hands of inferior life forms.

Well, dearies, we trust the hats and bandana are off, preferably shredded to bits by now. We haven't yet decided what to send you for your birthday, but we've put our heads together and are hatching a plan. Perhaps we will have finished our life's work masterpiece by then, The Care and Training of the Human Slave. If so, we will autograph a first edition and highlight the most important parts (one of which is, do not tolerate human photography sessions that involve the donning of clothing or headgear).

Hang in there, little ones. A cat's work is never done, which is why humans must do it.

Rosie and Jenny