Saturday, October 14, 2006

I feel as if I know John Shelby Spong, retired Bishop of Newark. My grandmother taught him in Sunday School when he was a little boy.

He's speaking at Millsaps College today.

I'm positive his views will upset many. I doubt people understand that Spong is trying to get a conversation going about what being Christian in the 21st Century means. At 75, I'd say he's amazing for wanting dialogue about the future.

Whether you agree with his questions or not, he's a gift to us. People seem to give up asking questions when they move into old age. Maybe they become tired searching for answers or lose their imagination. I hope it doesn't happen to me.

Here's to Spong who asks questions!

Happy Saturday to you all. I'm off to rummage sales,

St. Casserole


revabi said...

You know Spong? The one everyone likes to hate? But you are right about his asking the questions, questions we need to be asked.

Have fun rummaging.

Songbird said...

Well, I certainly don't like to hate him, since he is my beloved Cousin Jack. But I am well aware that his questions trouble the water.

reverendmother said...

Shirley Guthrie once said that heretics need to be listened to, because they are pointing something out that has been missing or de-emphasized from the tradition. And we ignore that missing element to our peril.

I'm NOT calling Spong a heretic, in fact I shy away from that word, although I learned this week that it's based on the Greek word for "choice." That'll preach. But, Spong is fulfilling the function Guthrie's talking about, as far as I can see. I find him refreshing and gentle. And he's related to Songbird, which is yet another point in his favor.

nightwoodkitty said...

I saw Bishop Spong on the Bill Maher show one time. What a charismatic, attractive man! I like that he is my homeboy too.

Anonymous said...

That would make a good t-shirt:
"Bishop Spong is My Homeboy"