Monday, October 30, 2006

One Year, Two Months and One day

That's how long since the Storm.

  • Our request for money to finish church repairs goes to the Commission this week.
  • I need a plumber, electrician and a carpenter to finish repairs at home.
  • The big apartment complex in the neighborhood remains empty and dark. Will it be repaired? Torn down? Where did all the residents go?
  • Several homes in the neighborhood are gone. Just gone. Rebuilding will be from the ground up.
  • Homeowner insurance skyrocketed. And, each policy contains a caveat explaining (we think) if your windows are blown out or your roof comes off we will replace these items but not the water damage inside. Go figure.
  • Daylight Saving Time ruins my late afternoons but at least construction workers can see in the mornings to start work.
  • The Red Cross is offering grants to pay for therapy for storm victims in the affected areas. This is great!
  • Rev. Hunting Dog's congregation cleaned out their gutted sanctuary a few weeks ago. Volunteers did the big work but the congregation wanted to use the ruined space for outdoor worship. After hanging the cross in the chancel, they came back the next day to find the cross and sanctuary vandalized. The copper plumbing tubing has been stripped out three times since repairs began. Vandals.
  • Volunteers from around the country are here again. I adore seeing church vans from all over the U.S. driving around.
  • Why did will smama have to go home? I liked having her here.
  • Still plenty of places where storm debris is piled up next to the road.

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I'll be there in one month and 27 days!

Cathy said...

See - there's light - Songbird will be there soon.


will smama said...

We sure did have a fun day... Songbird to the rescue!