Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm moving slowly this morning. The cats played kitty races all night long. The dog ended up roaming the house instead of being put to bed. I think LD's radio kept me dreaming of country and western tunes most of the night.

So, it's time for things you need to know....

If you participate in the cultural construct of leg shaving and wish to shave your legs but have no shaving cream, use hair conditioner. It works and keeps your legs soft.

When preparing to polish your sterling flatware and hollowware, do not line your kitchen sink with tin foil and then soak your sterling there. This bad advice ruins good sterling. If you have "bad" sterling, who cares but sterling is inheritable. Why pass on your lazy mistake and damaged sterling? Use Maas or one of the polishing creams. Use that stinky petroleum based wading if you want a greasy patina. Yuk. Stay with a good polish.

Paula Dean of The Lady and Sons restaurant suggests that pouring a can of real Coke (not Diet) into a china toilet, waiting an hour then do a gentle scrub. Clean toilet! This news confirms what I've worried about with my Diet Coke Drinking Habit.

A good pedicure is a thing of beauty. OPI's "What the el" (or something like that) is the new preferred Fall/early Winter toe color of choice for clerical toes.

Try to learn the difference between tapestry, needlepoint and counted cross stitch. If nothing else, you'll save me time scouring eBay for vintage needlepoint.

A "bangle" bracelet is closed; a "cuff" bracelet is open. "Cuff" means like a shirt cuff which opens. A "bangle" makes a jangly sound when worn with other bracelets. Wear your bracelets in groups of odd numbers: one or three or five.

When preparing your sermon, try not to spend all your time doing exegesis and going off into wonderland with Greek or Hebrew word games. (Note to self: REALLY pay attention to this).

After all your sermon prep, remember that it is your love for your people which communicates. Study, study, study. Write, re-write then write again. Finally, love your people.

Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling Me to Get Going,

St. Casserole


Sue said...

Thanks for the great tips St. C! I'll remember the hair conditioner for leg shaving - what a great idea.

My favourite advice is your last point. It is so true. It's loving the people that makes all the difference.

Songbird said...

Did you know Opi has a website where you can look at all their colors? The names are really cute.
Your advice, as always, is priceless.

ppolarbear said...

I do not know the difference between needlepoint, tapestry and counted cross stitch. Since I have no items of these types in my home, am I excused?
I do not polish my toes, because my toes are a part of me best left unseen.
I will try the hair conditioner. I'd been using soap, but conditioner is definitely worth doing. Someone once told me to use lotion to shave your legs dry. Never tried it though.
I have no sterling either. Phew! Becuase I would ruin it, you know. And then my kitties would be stuck wih the ruined stuff after I'm dead and gone and their using up the inheritance on kitty treats.
now could you, please dear girl, come up with a tip that keep kitties from doing kitty races? I so miss sleeping. I'd even get a pedicure for you if you can cure the catraces.

St. Casserole said...

Dear PPB (and you are dear to me),
This kitty races thing is a undiscussed spiritual discipline. We cannot control kitty racing unless we have a safe, attractive space to corral the kitties while we sleep. We Casseroles do not have such a place. Kitties contained in my study, for example, shout out their distress. How can a good Cat Mom sleep with kitty upset going on.
So, we must accept that the honor of owning kitties comes with the blessing of kitty races. The discipline is to learn to sleep through cats scratching on doors, cats standing on your chest while you sleep, cats licking your ears while you sleep and cats having knock-down-drag-out fights on the bed while you sleep. You are allowed to wake up if cats "get relaxed" on your pillow. Don't make me tell you what that means. It's wet and that's all I'm saying.
We try to tire the kitties out before bed with string tied to socks that we swing in cirles. All this does is make US tired.
You'd enjoy a pedicure. I promise.

St. Cass

KnittinPreacher said...

My kitties are no linger allowed in the bedroom on saturday nights. They get the whole rest of the house. But I'm not in your house, and it sounds like this is not possible. :( Hair congitioner was the best thing ever invented for shaving legs. And the recyclable bottles are so much better than the cans that get rejected by the recycle place here. Now I must go look at the OPI Page and plan my next pedicure.

Have you tried thr midnight crazies balls -- palstic balls with bells inside? My girls love them. especially at midnight. But, it keeps them off the bed at 3 am.

St. Casserole said...

CORRECTION: the OPI color is "That's an EL of a Color".


KnittinPreacher said...

Sorry for the poor spelling! I have no idea how to edit and correct.

Cathy said...

If you show your "el" clerical toes, I'll show my non clerical ones.
Bet toes are toes :)

Cathy said...

Wow That's an EL of a Color is RED RED RED!!!!!

St. Inuksuk said...

I think the OPI nail colors are referring to that great city of Chicago and the famous EL (elevated train - which I've ridden too many times to count).
Guess my Fiji Weegee Fawn and Tahitian Sand colors are only for summer!

ppolarbear said...

I am writing to apologize for using the wrong for of their/there/they're. I NEVEr do that. Well, obviously that's a lie. I have not previously done that. Sorry. And I'm pleased to report that no relaxing has ever happened on my pillow yet. thank goodness.

the reverend mommy said...

Thanks for the tips. Here's a question: How do you polish very very ornate silverplate that has 30 year old dried polish in all the grooves?
And my tip? Don't EVER put cut crystal goblets in the sink without a dishtowel on the bottom and NEVER put it in the dishwasher.

St. Casserole said...

reverend mommy, place the silver plate in warm water until the old polish becomes soft. Then use a soft bristled tooth brush to gently brush the old polish off. After that, use a cream silver polish to restore the shine. If brass is beginning to show under the old plate, try to enjoy it.

I've broken crystal glasses without even trying. Rats! I'm with you, Sister!