Sunday, January 14, 2007

As your full-service pastor, I design, type and print the worship bulletin each week. I use a template I created so the work is easy.

The difficulty is proof-reading. No matter how often I check for extra "amens" or faulty hymn numbers, at least one Big Goof shows up in my face Sunday mornings.

Today I had double "amens", and an extra word (or two, let's be honest here!) in the offertory prayer.

Little Church is gracious about my mistakes in print, in sermons and in person.

God bless them!

I've never served a church as loving as this congregation.

Sometimes I marvel at how long it took me to find a place to pray, think and do where I am received with loving, open hearts.

Thank you, God, for my stubborn spirit which gets me in trouble but sure helps me keep on when there isn't much of a way.

Just thinking about God's goodness to me,

St. Casserole


Anonymous said...

LOL! In the Prayer of Confession for this morning, "work" became "wort". I am a terrible proof-reader. Also, an entire verse of a song was left out of the bulletin insert... sheesh.

Songbird said...

There were a few slip-ups in ours, too, since I haven't figured out yet what the admin checks for...and doesn't. No one seemed to mind.
I love your church!

Anonymous said...

I love this post because you sound so blessed and content.

I once left an "e" off of the word "Thine" for the hymn
O Sacred Head Now Wounded" in the bulletin. So, on the first Sunday of Lent, the congregation sang, "O make me Thin forever!" Oh, the laughter! But hey, I pray that every single day!

cheesehead said...

May we all have a place like that. And may all churches have a pastor like you!

PPB said...

We have slip-ups like that at St. Fancypants. And every bulletin is proofed by 3 different people. I think they are God's way of making sure we don't take ourselves too seriously.

And now I'll never be able to sing Sacred Head again! Let us break bread together is already ruined for me due to a typo that read "when I fall on my face with my knees to the rising sun."

revabi said...

I had the same problems too. It is nice to have such a a grace giving group of people. So glad you are there. Evn my secretary, and her proof reader make mistakes too.

Anonymous said...

I once typed that we were having a pot-_uck dinner (letter omitted since this is a family blog) which I didn't notice until everyone kept telling me on the way out of worship how much they were looking forward to the upcoming dinner. Yikes.

Also, thanks for being purechristianithink's pastor when she was ten.

Rev Dave said...

I call this the 'eternal search for a typo-free bulletin." Kinda like Diogenes and his search for an honest man. The funny thing is how many people read through their part without thinking. I recently saw (elsewhere) a confession of sin that had been cut and pasted and not edited, so this line was still there in the middle: "silent prayers of confession may be offered." And we all read it in unison, in perfect three beat presbyterian drone.

Mrs. M said...


Anonymous said...

My very own personal favorite among my very own personal bulletin bloopers is:

"What A Fiend We Have In Jesus"

That's God's Truth, friends ...

Hey, I'm a full-service pastor too.

Purechristianithink said...

I've told my congregation that bulletins are like Turkish Carpets. They have to have a flaw in them to point toward the perfection of God.