Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to Have a Gray Day

Get up. See that the day is gray, cold, wet and yukky.
Drink coffee. Tell cats how lucky they are to be indoor kitties.
Take LD to school.
Go to grocery store for breakfast. Eat grits while listening to old men tell tales at the next table.
Buy a roast, fresh vegetables (carrots, red potatoes, mushrooms, yellow onion).
Drive home. Make a fresh fruit smoothie to take to LH at office because he is fighting a cold.
At office, sit in car and have lengthy loving conversation with MPRG on phone.
Take smoothie inside to LH. Talk bidness. Get fax numbers. Take home cool office lamp to repair.
Brown roast in hot pan. Put roast into crockpot with cup up potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and onion. Add one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing dry mix to crockpot. Turn on crockpot to high.
Walk around considering lectionary texts for Sunday. Decide that selection method of picking text is highly subjective. Remind self that self is preacher and may be subjective in picking text to fight with over the next three days.
Email newspaper ad about antique windows for sale.
Check email. Discover Tuesday Morning is having a big one on February 6.
Recall that one doesn't need a single thing offered at the big sale.
Stare out window. Play dangly string game with Fish the Cat.
Answer door.
Welcome favorite young adult volunteer to home. Make her tea. Get her wireless code.
Watch her set up her laptop in the exact chair Songbird used while visiting the Casseroles.
Talk to yav while she is trying to do work.
Smell roast cooking.
Drink a diet coke.
Put on warm hoodie while drinking cold drink.
Make dentist appointments for two children.
Review travel arrangements for LS.
Get textbooks from UPS guy. Open packages. Glance through LS's textbooks.
Recall glory days of being a college student. Look out window. Wish I could return to college and never make dental appointments again.
Chat with yav. Enjoy time with yav. Wish yav would stay for lunch.
Turn on more lamps. Put more dirty laundry in washer.
Consider unloading dishwasher but stare out window until impulse passes.
Recall lectionary texts. Wonder what crazed committee put these texts together for the first Sunday in February.
Eat lunch late. Take brief nappage. Go get LD from school. Deliver her to her activity. Return home.
Be happy that LH came home early today. Discuss gray day.
Wander around the house doing small things.
Hug Whistle the cat.
Chat with LH.
Go fix LH plate of roast and veggies.
Watch LH go fix second serving.
Hear him comment, "this is good. Don't put this in your it's-great-so-I-will-never-make-it-again
file". Laugh
Come blog about gray day.
St. C


reverendmother said...

Thanks for the window into your life!

Here's to tomorrow being a magenta day.

PPB said...

sorry it was a grey day.

Songbird said...

I like nappage, but I never get it unless I'm visiting the Casseroles. When can I come back?

Presbyterian Gal said...

A lovely grey day. But I've always been curious: which is less dark and heavy a grEy day or a grAy day? Or does it matter. Myself: spent the third day in a row confined to home with sick 2nd grader. Said 2nd grader blazed through 29 pages of school and homework this afternoon in just over 3 hours. While sneezing all over it. Suggested to teacher in note that she wash hands after reviewing.

Patti said...

I had a similar day, a snow day because of way too much snow that fell in way too little time over way too small an area. And they are forecasting upwards of a foot is possible for today. I would love it if I didn't have to drive through it.

Liz said...

Here in Arizona we celebrate gray, rainy days because they are so few and far between. I will swap you a few of your gray days for a few sunny ones.What d'ya think?

I will try your pot roast. The last few I have made the dogs wouldn't eat.(That's not true. IF THEY WERE fussy eaters they wouldn't eat it.)

lutheranmom said...

"Consider unloading dishwasher but stare out window until impulse passes."

I do this with the clothes in the dryer alot.

Quotidian Grace said...

"what crazed committee put this together"--
When it comes to the church/presbytery/synod/GA, I ask this a lot, too.

Love the crockpot recipe. Must send it to Dorothy the Crockpot Queen.

Lorna said...

love this
and yes I nap too :)