Monday, January 08, 2007

Spoiler: Political Talk, sorta, Ahead

I'm sure I have a limited view of current events. We live in Republican land with all the glib radio talk show aphorisms. Seldom do I hear any thoughtful commentary on politics outside of my conversations with Mr. C.

I'm fascinated by what I see as a pattern in how the media handles politics. There appears to be a honeymoon period for media when they don't say what they see and hear from politicians. Then, a tipping point occurs and more direct information about the politician comes out.

For years, during this current administration, I've wondered how these bright Up East reporters tolerated a President who has trouble speaking in complete sentences and whose policies seem to be fed to him on cue cards.

The dissonance between the office of the President and his words or actions concerns me. I can control how much I hear his voice or read his statements. Reporters are forced to be present, take notes and then reflect on what the President says.

Further, why aren't people screaming about the appointment of his Dad's old pals to positions of authority. Can't we let these old guy's rest? Aren't most of them suspicious from their earlier work for Big Dad?

I think about these things.

Scratching My Head,

St. Casserole


NotShyChiRev said...

I join you in your concern.
Everytime I hear someone talk about liberal bias in the media, I want to as "where was the liberal media when our Constitution was being torched and our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters were being sent to die in a war that so far has benefitted noone other than the President (re-election) and the war profitteers.

Songbird said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. My brother bought me a "out of office countdown" calendar for Christmas. It makes me giggle but does not ease my concern. The "media" seems much too quiet.

Anonymous said...

Likewise for me. (Ladyburg: I got my husband the same calendar. When I read it, it gave me more heebeejeebees)

I wonder if rather than the "media" seeming quiet if it's more a matter of the "media" being spoonfed what to say.

And the dissonance is getting so loud that almost every interview sounds like "My new bill will bring back the purple!!", responded to with "Yes, green is a lovely color".

(Crackpot theory #518: Perhaps all the politicians and media are improperly "medicated")

Bag Lady said...

The honeymoon is something I've seen over and over, in various arenas (not just politics). Not that that's a comfort. In trying to provide the benefit of the doubt (which I know I'm often in need of myself!) I try to step back and consider that perhaps doubtful assertions (by the administration, etc.) that are outside my ken may perhaps have some value.

But we're (I am) way long past that stage.

I wish there were some universally recognized red flags (we've seen way too many) but I fear they don't exist, thanks to many causes (psychological, what-have-you). Which means that assessment of W's insanity, while progressing, isn't as urgent as we need.