Monday, July 02, 2007

And now, a few house-keeping details...

Krylon H20 spray latex is drippy, stinky mess. I bought it, on sale, instead of the greatest spray paint for outdoor wood, wicker and metal: Rust-oleum American Accents spray paint. The small wood table looks terrible with this paint!

This time next week? I'll be away from laundry, cooking and hurricane debris. My major responsibilities will be to hold the President's purse and share creative ideas with the group.

How hot is it? A dense wool rug, soaking wet, dried in my court yard in about 7 hours. I live in high humidity country so I'm surprised.

Is it going to rain? Yes, any minute the dark skies will open to soak us.


St. Casserole


Jan said...

It's pretty amazing the wool rug dried outside. It IS very muggy on the gulf coast--I live way down the bend of it to the south--in Corpus Christi.

Quotidian Grace said...

I don't know how Jan's rug dried outside. We're floating in the Ark here just a ways up the coast from her!

Can't wait to see you next week.

Molly said...

I told my mom to buy a new purse for you to hold. She says she will if she has time.
Your friend,

Cathy said...

Who will hold your purse?

Lorna said...

lol @ cathy

btw spray paints are bad for the environment (ozone layer) so get thee a paint brush and enjoy the challenge instead :)

smartalec said...

The only pseudo-consolation i can dream up is that with all that high humidity you'll use less of the swanky face creamz all you girls have been swirling about-
Thanks for the divine intervention last week Cass.
Upon returning home I had a brief debrief w/our Deacon Chair and Deacon treasurer.I told them you could use more support but couldn't say exactly what-They are eager to know what else you need. Enjoy your travels. May U B carried to your destination on a magic (dry)carpet of grace and peace.

St. Casserole said...

Hey Smartalec! What is your nickname for me? Trying to figure out if you are who I think you are or if you are not who I think you are so I'll be knowing if you are who I think you are. Really.

smartalec said...

You know who I am-even more than I thought you did-
your nickname? De-Lovely...of course!