Monday, July 23, 2007

I Learned Something New Today

I bought Subway sandwiches for lunch today. Not my favorite place to grab a sandwich but a big favorite with Mr. C. and LD.

The manager let the young man making my sandwich that "you put three black olives on a 6" sub; six black olives on a 12" sub".

I love black olives on my Subway sandwich. Often, the black olives are the only ingredient that makes those bland sandwiches taste good to me.

Subway is stingy with black olives and now I know why.

St. Casserole, always learning


PPB said...

how is fish?

And I like black olives, too.

Cathy said...

I always tell them to go heavy on the olives.

I think subway sandwiches taste bland too.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ummmmmm, pitted black olives. As a kid, stuck 'em on my fingers and popped 'em into my mouth, one by one by one by one. So good. The other ones are yummy too.

I like the Subway teriyaki, red onion grilled chicken wrap. It's the most tasty so far I think.

Erin said...

It's always bothered me that they do that with the cheese! I mean, really- two skimpy slices of cheese does not a sandwich make. Freakin' Subway.

Kathryn said...

Now I realise that the UK is truly a culinary desert. I had my suspiscions, but this has confirmed it as Subway are the BEST place to buy sandwiches on the whole...Supermarkets sell horrible prepacked and tasteless if you're lucky you go to Subway and they make it there and then. And use fair trade ingredients....though I've not asked about the olives. Clearly it's time I came to the States to meet a Real Sandwich ;-)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I like Subway but Quizno's is my favorite. They put tons of olives on our sandwiches here. In fact, they tend to bend over backwards for us.

Mrs. M said...

This might explain why they always skimp on the banana peppers, even when I ask for extra.

Sophia said...

Oh you poor people!

If this ordination thing doesn't work out this Philly area native is going to open a hoagie shop (that's pronounced hoe + gee for the uninitiated out there!) either in the Deep South or in the UK.

What's life without good sandwiches?

I might make cheesesteaks at my shop too. We'll see.