Thursday, July 26, 2007

Look at this scene from my bookcase. Andy (grey), Whistle and Fish (gingers) and Molly the Berner are all together. I need a Golden Lab like Sister, the Nanny to the Cats to finish the scene.

Oh, rats! I wanted to say something deep and meaningful in case some visitors floated over from the UM publication. Cannot thing of a single weighty thing to say.

St. Casserole


Sue said...

Nice collection!! I hope Fish is recovering well. I'm sure he is happy to be back home with his family.

PPB said...

What UM publication? Can we read about you online somewhere?

They don't make figurines that look like littlemankitty. He looks like a 5 year old colored him. But I do sometimes find things that look like girlkitty--all black and haughty.

Serena said...

Great scene ... and great article.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well we can't be pithy all the time now can we? i know we save it all up for sundays right???

and thanks for the reminder I'm headed to program the coffeemaker for early Sunday am... for a good strong java jolt!

(PS is your box of Tide still on the Stickley?)