Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tired but Happy

Great drive home from Atlanta today! No rain, clear roads and several audio books kept me awake. Those young RevGals stay up LATE! Late, I tell you!

The Big Event planning team worked hard to get our ducks in a row for an event next year. The RGBP Board met to handle bidness (Southern for "business").

I loved seeing my RevGals. Great, loving group!

Glad to be home. Glad I stopped listening to Dean Koontz's FACE audio book. Ewwwww, such cruelty and meanness in his stories. An Anne Tyler book kept me company for hours. Can't even recall what the title of the book is.

Worn-out and Happy,

St. Casserole


Serena said...

picture is DARLING! Darling. I tell you. Glad you had a good safe trip home. Looking forward to last weekend in March. Thanks for the good hard work.

zorra said...

What Serena said! Sleep well.

1-4 Grace said...

so glad you are home safe and sound. I hae recently discovered the Twilgith Zone Radio plays on CD. Each are about 40 minutes in length and you get 2 per CD.
Well known actors/actresses do parts. It is good if you were ever a fan of the series. They are sold at Movie Gallery or online.

Presbyterian Gal said...

That is a great picture.

Glad you're home safe and sound. Thanks to all you RGBP leaders for doing this!

PPB said...

I think you're going to need to stay in training with the late night thing. I'm just saying---25 year olds BEGIN the day at 9 p.m. (but you won't have to.)

Sue said...

I'm glad you had a good drive and arrived home safely. I'm sure your tribe was happy to see you back.