Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Andy, Charles and Camilla

It is a rainy, miserable day here in the Backwater. The temperature is ok but I am concerned about developing mold running between my car and errands. I came home to find Andy the Cat naked again, without his collar. He begged to go outside even though we’ve been terrorized by a roving band of scoundrel cats who chase, bite and curse our dear kitties. Even the elderly Old Man Cat wanted to step out for fresh air. He came in fully dressed in his tartan collar, dignified as usual.

However, this is not my big problem of the day. I am concerned about Charles’ wedding to Camilla. There are legal problems ( see the London Times:,,19769_1496475,00.html ) whose resolution dumbfounds me. Despite the quality of my advice on all topics, I am not a lawyer. My knowledge of international law, particularly the Inns and outs of Great Britain is poor. I’ve done my best to understand the issues but without much success. Don’t explain it to me. I need, on this rainy day, to struggle with the theological and societal issues alone in my study.

Years ago, a great philosopher suggested that when troubled about world issues, to consider the life and plight of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. I have learned over the years about her life particularly her fears about living in the violent U.S. after the murder of her husband. She returned to the states where she developed a life for herself of letters and friends. I admired her. The Philosopher’s suggestion had a great deal to do with believing that Mrs. Onassis could handle her affairs gracefully without anyone’s sympathy or concern. If nothing else, her money would provide a certain insulation.

So I’m sitting here listening to the rain and watching it soak my yard thinking about Charles and Camilla and my naked Cat. I don’t know if C and C can move along with their lives without the rest of us either being worried about the future of the Monarchy. I’m even less sure that Andy the Cat will develop modesty.


Friday Mom said...

If you find a way to teach Andy modesty, let me know. We have one who has gone through four collars in the last six months!

PPB said...

Hey, maybe Andy is just pre-lapsarian!

Nightwoodkitty said...

I, too, often think about Jackie Kennedy Onasis and find it of great comfort. The Charles and Camilla issue taps in to lots of confusion about the nature of contemporary marriage, and also some ageism, don't you think? I'm wondering what to make of the pope saying that same-sex marriage is part of "an ideology of evil." He is totally marginalized and to the right of Opus Dei now? And, back to the peculiarities of England, what is a "Stick-in-Waiting" the title that Camilla's husband held?

St. Casserole said...

Nightwoodkitty, I hadn't noticed "stick-in-waiting" and do not know what it means.
The pope's comment sent me flying to the Zenit site to see his actual text which didn't improve when I read them. I don't know why he spoke this way.
Having no health care is evil. Living in poverty is evil. Terrorism is evil. I don't get his point.
I'll do some thinking about the ageism of the C & C situation. Hadn't considered this.
Thanks for your comments.