Friday, February 18, 2005

Several thoughts this morning:

The birds are singing as if Spring were on the way. I wish I understood bird music. The confederate jasmine's blooms are lovely. The azaleas have begun to open. Only spots of pink as yet, but more to come. These pre-Spring days help my spirit. Sorry to those of you with no signs of Spring.

I suppose I should alert an elder that my cold is making me cough. I can't medicate enough to stop the cough and keep me upright when a cold hits so an elder may have to preach for me Sunday.

The LH likes to get sick when I am sick so I hope to be better today as his cough is worse.

Lent is purple for royalty and repentance. We moderns, especially those without a monarchy, don't understand royalty as those with a monarchy do. I wonder how the language of Christ as King sound to their ears?

The LD presented her mid-terms grades which all showed improvement. She is off Double Secret Probation with Lock-Down and Sprinkles. Last night she talked on the phone for over an hour with no breaks for taking a breath. Phone priviledges restored, computer priviledges still in question. She feels good about her grades and effort so her attitude is sweeter. Thank you, Lord.

I read John Grisham's The Broker this week. Good fast read as usual with Grisham's work. The man has written 18 books now. Greg Iles is a far superior writer but doesn't get the press Grisham enjoys.

My prayer list is loaded with colleagues struggling with big illnesses. God grant them the strength to cope and endure.

Note to kitsch loving Jesus painting receiver blog reader: I haven't mailed your package yet. I'm sorry for the delay.

How's it going with you all (as we say down heah)?


the reverend mommy said...

Hmm... just told my 11 year old (better known as Chaos) about the Double Secret Probation with lock-down and sprinkles ... too good. Ours usually misses the IM more than anything.

I hope you get to feeling better.

Aola said...

Here in Oklahoma my japonica are blooming, the daffodils and jonquils are just starting to, the big elm out front is in full bud (much to the sorrow of my sinuses).
Oh, and I had a yard full of red-winged blackbirds this morning. What a sight!
We've also had a lot of sickness... today everyone is well.
Thank you Lord.