Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Ten Thing List

Because it’s all the rage at journalscape and I am a hopeless conformist and I like to copy Reverend Mother.

These are my ten things I've done that you may not have done:

1. Been investigated by Scotland Yard via the Sheriff of Tiny Town.
2. Put lipstick on cat's mouths. The cleft lip on 'em helps. Bright colors are best.
3. Was a cheerleader, head cheerleader, at the Calvin Bowl my first year of Seminary.
4. Streaked the President's Home while in college. No one saw us. I'm not sure this counts.
5. Was for many years the ONLY clergywoman many people had EVER seen.
6. Can give an old man cat an IV for his kidney disease without a medical license.
7. Have read most of what John Calvin wrote.
8. Know how to do the state dance of South Carolina and do it well.
9. Cannot sail without using a few bad words and re-newing my commitment to the Lord.
10. Have more framed things in my house than my sister has ever seen in a private residence.

Whew! That wasn't very easy. Tell me yours......


St. Casserole said...

See Reverend Mother's list at http://www.journalscape.com/reverendmother/2005-02-21-22:11

PPB said...

STREAKED the President's Home?
HEAD Cheerleader?
Oh, you have some explaining to do!

the reverend mommy said...

What is the state dance of NC?
I love framed hanging things (will email later)?

PPB said...

Oh, and I did mine on my page. None of mine involve nudity or pompons. Ahem.

Aola said...

I could probably list 10 things very easily that you haven't done that I have done (in my life BC) but then the FCC might ban your blog.
So, I won't.

St. Casserole said...

Well I see it all now..... I'm a wild woman and didn't know it. I am SURE all of you have more interesting lists. I mean it. I'm getting dour (very Presbyterian tendency) thinking about all this.

mark said...

Investigated by Scotland Yard? That sounds intriguing...
And lipstick on a cat? Any particular reason, or just so they'd feel pretty?
And in my neck of the woods (especially when I ask the elderly hospital volunteers for patient room numbers) I seem to be the only "clergy person" (in quotations because i'm not QUITE there yet) that people have seen under the age of 40...
But I have my list on my blog, if you want to check it out!!

reverendmother said...

PPB said... Oh, and I did mine on my page. None of mine involve nudity or pompons. Ahem.No PPB, but you did spell "pompons" correctly. Nicely done.

Aola said...

This is my "cleaned up list" of things since I've been saved.

1. walked across the USA with a man carrying a cross.
2. had 2 kids at home with no midwife, just a great husband.
3. moved to Montana twice and then back to Oklahoma
4. have been in 5 nasty, ugly church splits.
5. bought a Kubota tractor for myself.

You're right this is hard.

PPB said...

I'm thinking that RM has some previous life experience with pompons.

I just re-read this and saw the thing about lipstick on a cat. Why? Just why?

Mary said...

*runs in, naked...

I was Head Cheerleader, too!...

...runs out*