Sunday, February 06, 2005

Things I Like

I like:

drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning in a quiet house

looking at the pine trees in the ambient light when the trees look like Japanese ink drawings

looking at the faces of my husband and children

traveling to places in my mind's eye

having a sleeping cat on my lap

looking at faces while people are talking with me

taking an afternoon nap if only for 30 minutes

reading favorite authors

digging in the earth, planting, pruning

finding a sterling something and paying almost nothing

reading the stories of Jesus

reading the Psalms when I feel sad or wounded

listening to audio books while I drive

making things out of other things

praying alone or with others

watching the squirrels and birds at the feeder

hearing my children laugh

hearing my husband purr in his sleep

a hot shower

a cold glass of iced tea

remembering my grandparents

looking at old homes and buildings

getting a new Vanity Fair magazine so I can read about people I've never heard of

wearing bracelets

smelling salt air

seeing birds in flight

listening to good sermons

thinking about those I love

What about you? What do you like?


Mary said...

I enjoy reading your blog so very much. I've been coming back here now and again (when I get the chance) since last October, but I don't think I've posted before now.

I like many of the same things you have itemized on your list.

What I really liked was recently coming back here and seeing your "Prier, Pensir, Agir" credo up at the top. Liked it so much, in fact, that I quoted it in my 'favorite quotes & sayings' section of my own blog. Thank you for that very basic and much needed reminder. ;)

While I'm here, I'll share a few other things I like:

- the feel of my bare feet in the grass at dusk following the end of a hot summer day, when the air is still warm but the grass and earth have finally cooled beneath me.

- the freckles on my husband's fair Irish face, and across his shoulders.

- the sound of my daughter playing her piano keyboard and talking to herself as she makes up songs.

- my son's dimples, his smile, his laugh.

- having a friend I've been missing call me out of the blue.

- photographing everyday moments and framing them as portraits. They are.

- silver and marcasite earrings.

- the smells, sights, and sounds of the Pacific ocean, anytime of day, anytime of year.

- homemade cards. (making things out of other things!)

- postcards from other countries, especially Australia.

- black licorice.

- the smell and feel of clothes fresh and warm from the dryer (we just had our dryer fixed and I'm rejoicing over this all over the net, lol).

- the smell of lavender fresh from the garden

- heirloom quilts and blankets, particularly the ones my great great grandmother made.

- poetry.

- cucumber-tomato-avocado sandwiches. With tons of mustard. Yum.

- The sound of the rain when it first starts falling.

- listening, really listening to my favorite kinds of music and being moved by it in on way or another.

Goodness, sorry to take up so much space with a comment.
This was fun. ♥

St. Casserole said...

Oh Mary! Thanks for your comments! How do I get to your blog? I clicked on your name but didn't get directed to the blog. I want to read what you write.

Aola said...

Mary, I was right there with you... until you put mustard on that sandwhich,great list though. I really like St.'s blog also, it always brightens my day to come here.

Today the only thing on my list would be:

Healthy kids (since my baby girl is so sick today).

Better go check on her.

Songbird said...

Things I like:

the shining of the sun on the day after a big snowfall

my two big dogs chasing each other through the snow

a really good cafe mocha

reading a wonderful book while taking a bubble bath (this is mostly a fantasy these days due to my ongoing struggle with eczema)

skin that isn't itchy (see above)

the woman who anoints Jesus in Mark's gospel

Mark's gospel

the river that makes glad the city of God

the music of waves breaking on the beach

singing hymns

my daughter playing the piano my parents bought for me long ago

my son playing the clarinet in his attic room, the music filling the house

looking at a form the same son filled out and seeing that he listed as the person he admires most--his older brother

getting an IM from that older brother at college!

the long arms of my tall husband wrapped around short me

finishing a sermon...

St. Casserole said...

I love all these! Thank you!

Mary said...

Oh, how nice that you'd want to read me. :~)
I don't keep my personal blog public because I post many pics of my family there and hubby and I are protective of having that kind of thing just floating around the net so easily. Just our preference. But I'd be happy to e-mail you and officially "invite" you there.

I also have a poetry blog that I do keep public because it's more anonymous. It's really more of a workshop-type hub for me to post my writing and keep track of it while also getting some feedback on it. Nothing very exciting though.
That one is:

Thanks for the interest,
- Mary

PS Aola, loved your comment, thanks. I'm convinced there are 2 kinds of people in this world: those who love mustard and those who loathe it! Hope your little one is feeling better.