Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Retreat

I'm going to retreat from my home and family, the washing machine, dishwasher, the telephone and computer for several days beginning Monday morning.

I'm backing away from the table of my ordinary life and going off into the woods to think, listen and stare. I'll think about my world here and the world's of my fellow retreatants, listen to the speaker discuss "The Presence of God in Creation" and stare at trees. The tree staring is a specialty of mine. I find looking at trees very hard improves one's perspective on life.

I need a new perspective. I'm sick of preaching. I'm sick of doing the same things over and over again. This temper fit is not my usual stance on life. I like it all, usually. Happy. etc. etc.

Today, I tipped over the edge when I realized how little the adults in the church school class know and understand about Communion. I 'bout fell over, as we say down here.

I know denominationalism isn't popular with many but my congregation IS Presbyterian and by doggie! I'm teaching them what we believe and why.

I just did not realize that they are near clueless about the sacraments. We will be celebrating the Lord's Supper the first Sunday of each month in 2005. This is new for them. They've never had a regular serving of the Supper.

I'll spend more time than I had planned teaching about the sacrament. I'll go on the retreat. I'll enjoy the drive to the retreat. I'll have times of quiet. I'll pray alone and with my colleagues. I'll have better attitude later this week. I'll return ready to work, serve and love.

Keep checking in with me this week. Take care of your bloggy selves.


PPB said...

Oh, sister, lemme tell you.... I graded ordination exams once that made it clear that not all of our seminary seniors understand communion!!! In teaching world religions class, I never cease to be shocked by how little people understand a faith that they claim as their own. And I think that teaching it,in the grand teaching elder tradition is about the best thing you can do. You go girl!

Aola said...

Hope you have a wonderful time staring at the trees and contemplating life and God and the mystery of both.
When I was a child I used to pretend the trees were angels all around me.

the reverend mommy said...

Personally, I'll take one regular serving of the Supper as often as practicable.

As a Methodist, I don't know how we differ (honest!).
How do we differ?

Very tired and slightly bewildered....

PPB said...

Okay, how crazy is this? I've never met you. I don't know your real name, and I've been checking your page about 5 times a day to see when you get home. Kind of like being the kid who bikes past her friends house 5 times a day during the friend's annual family reunion trip. Only wierder.

left town for good said...

I wrote a poem yesterday about the emancipation of saints. I would have included a line about the retreat of St. Casserole had I discovered you earlier.

St. Casserole said...

Dear PPB,
I'm home. I tried to post to my blog but couldn't.
Glad to see you missed me. I missed being here, too.