Friday, February 03, 2006

After several months of receiving The Presbyterian Outlook clumped in two issues or not at all, I received the Feb. 6 issue on time today.

The theme is the ordination of women. The first deacon was ordained in 1906 in the UPCNA; then the PCUSA ordained a ruling elder in 1930; then we trailed into the flow in 1956 (PCUS). One hundred years of recognizing the call of women to ordained ministry in the Church. As many of the ladies said, back in '06, "it's about time!"

Editor Jack Haberer writes about the possible schism of the PC U.S.A. and how this would effect this might have on women "whose role in leadership is new, less secure and easily withdrawn..." Yikes!

Did I forget to worry about this?

I guess I did. I've been worrying how I might explain to God that I participated in a schism when we've been told to hold onto the Body of Christ.

Haberer ends the editorial with these words: "More than anything, we will urge the church to stay together. Voices long silenced, having found a place to call home, should not have to wonder where to go." (p.8 TPO, Feb 6,2006)

Yes, indeed.

My feet are under the Table,
St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

The first ever woman ordained as ruling Elder and first woman elected as Modertor of GA are from my Presbytery. Plus, the first woman ordained as Minister was one of my predecessors at St. Stoic.

Yeah, we're pretty progressive around here. So Jack Haberer's "new, less secure, and easily withdrawn" goes over like a lead balloon. I dare him to come here and say that!

Songbird said...

"Easily withdrawn?" Is the ordination of women so shaky in the PCUSA?