Friday, February 24, 2006

Miss P. wants my help writing a prayer for the Presbyterian Women's Annual Gathering in March. She's doing the memorial for PW women who died in the past year. Miss P. couldn't find anything to use so she thought she'd ask her in-house pastor for help. I'm game although I didn't find much available either.

Here are my results. The first two prayers are adapted from the Book of Common Worship, 1946 and the final prayer is mine. We've got a few more days to work on this if you want to add suggestions, etc.

Prayer for Presbyterian Women Memorial Worship
Almighty and merciful God, We give thanks to you for all the women who have done justice, loved mercy and walked humbly with you . We remember your servants who ministered through the Presbyterian Women and have now gone to their loving reward with you.
We thank you for the high and holy ones who were shining lights in the world.
We thank you for the meek and lowly ones who held fast to their faith in times of trial.
We thank you for women who listened, hoped, worked and prayed with us through the years.
As they blessed our lives by their presence, we ask that you grant us the grace to follow in their steps and at last share with them in the inheritance of the Saints in light;
through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


Eternal Lord God, who holds all souls in life;
Give to us the abiding comfort of your presence with us as we recall the lives and work of Presbyterian Women whose labors here have ended.
Receive our thanksgiving for those who loved and served you who are now at rest;
and grant us, that we, following their good example, may at the last enter with them into the fullness of Your unending joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Adapted from the Book of Common Worship 1946)

Gracious Loving God, who calls us to service through the Presbyterian Women; we give thanks today for our sisters in Faith who have died in the past year. We know you receive them with joy into their new relationship with you.
We thank you for the bold and the shy, the confident and the needy, for the laughter of shared experiences, for the tears shed in dismay.
We thank you for all that made our departed sisters dear to us.
We thank you for their encouragement and vision; for their hard work and faithfulness to the Church; for their willingness to serve you in this ministry.
We ask your blessings on us as we follow in their footsteps, carrying the fellowship and work forward of Presbyterian Women into the future. Grant that we may honor our departed sisters by your faithfulness to the tasks before us; our laughter and friendships enjoyed and our vision strengthened by knowing them.
With grateful hearts, we pray in the name of Jesus, who loves us. Amen. (st.c)

St. Casserole


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