Friday, February 24, 2006

This recovery stuff is on my nerves. I'm doing very well for which I am grateful.
However, I get tired too easily and this frustrates me. Going full-steam-ahead is my preferred mode.

And, I have weird dreams. My preacher group is convinced I'm working out the anesthesia remains but this theory is unproven.

This morning, I woke with a start thinking, "I'm not being a prophet! I spend too much of my time being a shepherd!"

Shocked, I got out of bed and wandered down the hall for coffee.

It's true. I shepherd the Sheep rather than prophesy to the People. Dang.

All this prophet stuff is swirling around in my head because of Sunday's lectionary texts: 2 Kings 2:1-12 and Mark 9:2-9. Elijah, Elisha, Moses and Jesus.

I'm returning to the pulpit without telling my doctor. He's busy and I'm not telling him.

A preacher can't stay away from her pulpit without consequences and the absence of preaching is impacting my healing (or so I thought I'd say to the Doctor if he suggests I'm returning a tad early).

I'm working on these texts with delight although I do feel that I JUST PREACHED ON THE TRANSFIGURATION YESTERDAY and now we are doing it again.

My mental clarity lags at times but I do feel that waking up with guilt over the lack of prophetic witness is a good God thing. The thought I had later, where I mused that maybe the Transfiguration is similar to "Extreme Makeover", shows I best stick to the text and not wander away.

If you need me Sunday at 11 am. CST, I'll be in the Pulpit,

St. Casserole


reverendmother said...

(((st. cass)))

Hmm.... OK dearie, but you take a LONG nap Sunday afternoon.

P.S. The word verification for this comment is "lehnt"! Wow! Timely! Though slightly misspelled.

David said...

I hear ya loud and clear. The same thot has occurred to me. Preaching and teaching is my thang, my gift, my calling. People are tired of me talkin about the storm. It's time this Lent for some good ole Bible preachin' and teachin'.
At the same time, I am realizing that it doesn't matter how much "shepharding" I do, there are those who will say it's not enough. If I wasn't so tired, I might have thicker skin by now.
Praying for your continued recovery....and let's do the coffee thing!

mibi52 said...

Do what heals you. Wish I could hear it!

Unlike RM, my word verification is "zrfmwf" which is rather like I feel this evening (and I've got a PH dinner meeting to go be spousal adornment for). "lehnt" sounds so much more ...spiritual...

the reverend mommy said...

I love preachin'. I love teachin'. I'd love to hear your sermon... I may be bold and post mine... I usually don't.


Songbird said...

If I thought I could do something with Extreme Home Makeover, I would. This week has not allowed much time for shepherding or propheting; I feel like a scribe at the moment.
What message do you suppose lies in cnemspyn?

St. Casserole said...

My word is zwpfpay. I haven't a clue about that one.

David, the earlier commenter is in the midst of hurricane recovery at his church. God bless him because he hears "recovery" and thinks "hurricane". It's poignant to consider the toll of the storm on pastors. God bless him.

I was confident about my sermon yesterday, today I'm not so sure.