Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We Are Almost Six Months Old!

Fish the Kitten here.

The picture on the bottom right is Whistle, I'm the good looking kitten on the top right. We look sour because we are cats and our affect is soooo sophisicated that you ordinary bi-peds can't tell by looking at us that we are THRILLED.

Our Mom's RGBP, Quotidian Grace, wrote about this website Birthday Celebration. We were charmed by the idea that we can ask for gifts for our birthday! And, we don't know what Prada or any of that other stuff is. And, we don't wear red evening dresses because, a)we are kittens, ginger kittens and red clashes, and, b) we are boys for gosh sakes!

Here is what we like for gifts: cotton q-tips, furry mice, tiny soft toys and paper bags.

If you want, you can just push a button on the computer and the U.S. Post Office brings packages to our house. Our Mom sits and pushes buttons and gets packages so we know this works.

Easy, huh?

Fish (almost 6 month's old) and my brother, Whistle who was born the same day


MichelleD said...

You two look like my two kitties!

Shakespeare is much older than you, since he is about 7 years old. Caedmon, however, is only one month older than you! If all four of you were in the same room, though, you'd all better remember your names b/c no human would be able to tell you apart!

Happy 6th month birthday!!

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,
You are so grown up!! Andy the Cat had better get you a place on the Cat National Guard soon.
I am happy to see you looking so handsome and well.
Aunt Songbird

Sue said...

Happy 6 month birthday to both of you. Of course, distinguished cats like you can't reveal all the excitement you feel about the birthday celebration thing -- that would be

As for the gifts, I do hope your humans throw in some catnip just for fun. I mean, what's a party without it?

Texas Jaye said...

Dear Ginger Kittie Boys:
Your human momma is a wonderful momma. My human momma loves ginger kittie boys. I like to type and I will send you more kittie mail.

Love, your friend Callie the Calico.