Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks to Cheesehead for these questions. I'm late to the party in answering but here I am:

What do you wear on a typical (non-Sunday) day of work?
Casual clothing but not messy.

Open toed shoes: gifts from God or an abomination? (Pedicures assumed, of course. We are not animals, after all.)
I wear sandals from April till Chill (October?). It's too hot for hosiery here and I'm not going to wear hosiery and be miserable. Pedicures are a must. No one comments on my sandals and bare feet sticking out from my alb. At least not to me.

The right to bare arms: do we have it?
I don't bare my arms often. Depends on the outfit. Covering up my RGBP tattoo is difficult but I know that not everyone is into heavy tattoo-ing.

It's 90 degrees with 90% humidity in the Snow Belt in late May. Quick--robe or no robe?
If the a/c is broken, no robe. Otherwise, I preach in a Geneva gown or alb.

Would you ever wear jeans or casual pants to church on a non-Sunday?
Our Session meetings are during the week and I don't dress up for them. Pressed linen outfit, etc. is dressed-up enough.

Has your congregation ever expressed wardrobe
This part of the questions didn't make the "copy" but I'm to answer if my congregation comments on my appearance. If I've gotten a new haircut, new outfit or wear lots of color in my street clothing, someone will compliment me. I wear black most of the time so color is noticed.

I asked at the F of Homies if my gal pals wore trousers while preaching. I was a bit taken aback that most seemed to wear dresses or skirts. I wear dressy trousers and tops but not suits or church dresses. I'm sick of those kinds of clothing: hot, uncomfortable and etc. I asked one of the church matriarchs if I was dressed appropriately for worship and she looked at me like I was crazy. "Of course you look fine!". Good enough for me.

Glad to be here,

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

If I could look as adorable as you do in pants, I would wear them to preach, too!

cheesehead said...

What Songbird said!

Quotidian Grace said...

You are a candidate for sartorial sainthood in my book if you wait until April to wear open toed shoes and sandals on the Gulf Coast. In muggy Houston, you see sandals on everyone starting in late February -- and occasionally from November to December when the weather is warm.

And frankly, I think RevGals in sandals are great, but spare me the hairy toes and shins of our two pastors (both RevGuys) who show up in shorts and flip-flops to session meetings. Not a good look, fellows.

christopher said...

Thank you St. for this post. My wife and I are close to becoming pastors (Morgantown, WV--we'll start July 1). The 'pastoral' appearance issue is very much on our minds, but more difficult to figure out for my wife. I forwarded your URL to her.

Keep up the blogging and if you get a chance check out mine at

peripateticpolarbear said...

I want a photo of the tattoo. And I preach in pants, too.

PeaceBang said...

Well, my darlings, I hope you're all fervent and frequent readers of

because PeaceBang is there for you!

(And she thinks that bare arms are okay, but only if they look good, are toned, etc. And no hairy pits!)

St. Casserole said...

Look! Look! Look! PEACEBANG wrote a comment on MY blog!

Yippeee! She's there for us!!!

cheesehead said...

Dang. I even linked her and everything. Yet no comment.

I'm so unpopular...


Songbird said...

I am impressed and devastated, all at once.

Texas Jaye said...

I would like to be Pope because his holiness has some killer Prada red leather loafers I really covet.